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My work doesn't allow me to visit local schools here, in Berlin, so I was looking for an online school and found EnglishDom. I like the organization of the learning process and my teacher who always stays professional but positive and active.


Many people told me that learning English through Skype is unreliable and foolish. I can say from my experience that EnglishDom gives a good opportunity not to feel this. I didn’t notice how in half a year I know many things, which people learn in a year. Many thanks to my teacher who is cheerful and smiley, but serious at the same time. I love EnglishDom!


Thank EnglishDom for the great opportunity for me to learn English. My teacher tries to prepare some interesting information for each lesson and is concerned about my progress. I've been learning for a month now and I can already see the results. Thank you!


Thanks to the systematic classes in EnglishDom during three months I have expanded my vocabulary and developed my listening skills. Also I have improved my speech and now feel comfortable while speaking with native speakers which is very important for me and for my career here, in Marseille. Now I am fluent in English and I enjoy time working with you.


My classes with American teacher are very interesting. It's a great online school, you can watch interesting films and read books, do a lot of exercises apart from homework. Study English with EnglishDom!


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Online teaching english by Skype

To learn English with the help of a messenger staying at home

Many people who want to live a full life cannot imagine it without English. It's almost impossible to get a good job and it's hard during any foreign trip without it. The lack of The English Language has considerably narrowed the online communication and internet searching. English is a native language for more than 427 million people and a second language for over a billion people. It is a spoken international language which is far ahead of any other languages known for its popularity and general availability.

The advantages of online English studying

The rhythm of modern life often makes it impossible to attend local language courses. It can be difficult due to many unforeseen reasons such as age, family circumstances or location. This is however where distant studying can help! EnglishDom which is an online English school offers you the opportunity to study English via Skype. It is the most effective way of learning English, as it allows to develop listening and speaking skills, expand one's vocabulary and learn grammar through the process of live communication. We offer different programs of the English language ranging from General to exam preparations. You can have 2-3 classes per week at any time that is best suitable for you. Our teachers are here to motivate their students to speak as much as possible, great attention is paid on role plays, dramatization and discussion topics.

You can have 2–3 lessons a week at the suitable time for you. All our teachers always motivate their students to speak as much as possible. Great attention is paid on the role-plays, dramatization and discussion topics.

EnglishDom is your reliable helper

We offer:

  • complex study programs;
  • up to date study material;
  • professional native speakers;
  • monthly control of the studying progress with the help of tests.

Each online lesson is held in a lively, yet relaxed and interesting atmosphere. You are able to learn The English language in the comfort of your own home using all the effective methods. Start learning English today and you will open doors to new horizons, all you need is your computer loaded with Skype which is easy and free! You don't have to spend your time attending local language courses with all the bulky study material. Today's reality is learning with interactive communication, native speakers which is more effective and available.

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