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4 cocktails to summer

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Dear teachers, first of all, the whole EnglishDom team would like to congratulate you with the upcoming summer as well as to thank you very much for your great work and patience with students. You are doing really great job!

There are some things we would like to remind you:

First thing, as you already know, we ask all of you to talk to your students about their progress, it’s always important to do once in half a year, when you give a test to the students (obtaining grammar, speaking, vocabulary check, etc.) and then evaluate their knowledge depending on what score he gets and also depending on how hard he studied during the year and what weak and strong points he/she has. In case you see some kind of tiredness in the eyes of your students please suggest them to switch to summer courses program.

As you remember we have four summer programs which you can suggest to stick to your students and have time to relax during summer, these programs are:

  • Films
  • Travelling
  • Slang and idioms
  • Cartoons (only for children)

Just to remind you that these files consist of students’ files and teachers’ files and have all aspects of the class (warm-up, vocabulary, exercises, questions for discussion, etc.), but please remember that if you switch to the new program with the students, you need to send them only students' files, and share your teachers' files via skype "sharescreen| function during the class, but not earlier as there won't be any kind of interest if they see all of the tasks beforehand. You will be able to find necessary materials on your dashboard. 

We also have a lot of new film plans created by our Russian teachers, if you would like us to send these files, you are always welcome to ask. By the way, it will be awesome if during warm-ups you use short abstracts of movies from the site moviesegmets. We also sent you the link for downloading the book "phrasal verbs in use" in one of our last letters for you to use it as extra materials for idiomatic course. Also we have some extra resources for the travelling course, so if you choose the travelling course for the summer program with your students, please let us know and we will send you some more materials for that.

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We are also going to send the letter to all of the students today informing them that they can switch to the summer programs. In case some of them ask you what it is, it would always be better for you to be prepared and ready to tell them what courses we have and let them choose what course they want. Though, it would be great if you do not wait for the students to talk to you about the summer programs, but also discuss these matters yourself beforehand.

Also, summer has come, so you can already start planning your holidays. Please remember that you need to split two week vacation in two parts by one week and to take for example one week in the mid June and second one in August. Please do not forget to let us know about your vacation three weeks before it and plan the extra classes with the students to make the classes up of your vacation. In case your students cannot make up lessons because of some reasons, please inform us about that and we will look for the substitute teachers.

At the end, we would like to say thank you a lot for being with us, being a part of our friendly family, we cherish each of you!

Feel English and feel free

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