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Website – веб-сайт, интернет-сайт
Webmaster – веб-мастер (должностное лицо, ответственное за нормальное функционирование конкретного сайта)
Link – канал связи, линия связи, соединение (в сети)
Pedometer – шагомер
Wireless – беспроводной, беспроволочный
User – пользователь, абонент
Interaction – взаимодействие, взаимосвязь
Collaboration – сотрудничество, участие, совместная работа
Router – маршрутизатор (устройство для соединения сетей, использующих разные архитектуры и протоколы, осуществляет выбор одного из нескольких путей передачи сетевого трафика, а также фильтрацию широковещательных сообщений для локальной сети)

To improve – улучшать, совершенствовать, налаживать
To interconnect – связывать, соединять
To serve – обслуживать, производить осмотр и текущий ремонт
To reshape – формировать, восстанавливать форму (напр., сигнала)
To accelerate – ускоряться, увеличивать скорость, разгоняться
To distribute – распределять, раздавать
To affiliate – объединять, присоединять
To contribute – содействовать, способствовать
To establish – основывать, создавать, учреждать

Notorious – знакомый, известный
Fault-tolerant – отказоустойчивый

1. To contribute – to give money, goods, or your time and effort in order to achieve something, especially when other people are also helping.
2. Router – a piece of equipment or software that finds the best way of sending information between any two networks.
3. To distribute – to spread something over an area.
4. User – someone who uses something such as a service or a piece of equipment.
5. To serve – to provide a group of people or an area with something useful.
6. Peer SMB applications running on two stations must establish a link with each other prior to exchanging SMB messages.
7. Advancing an interconnect format for both package and connector modeling improvements.
8. If the wireless network encounters interference, the session layer functions will suspend communications until the interference goes away.
9. When Brownell finally calmed down, he explained that a particle accelerator was a large, circular tube through which subatomic particles were accelerated.
10. He was an organizer of the Centennial Workshop on Heun's equation (Schloss Ringberg, Germany) from which collaboration of the two authors arose.

How can I get my business to become known online

SPEAKER: Ramesh from Delhi asks, what would you suggest for new website owners who are starting their business online? Why other webmasters link to that new website ? Why someone link to new business who has no brand at all? And also links are important for him to improve his online presence. So if you take a step back this question is about how do I get to be known online? Someone was joking, well you could steal Paris Hilton's phone that's one way to get to be known online , but that's a little toward the notorious end not the positive way that you want to be known. My short answer is if you make something excellent and then tell people about it whether it's on Twitter, or Facebook or Friendfeed or Google Buzz or whatever that's a really nice way to sort of let people know that there's good stuff out there. So I'll give you a couple quick examples. There's a pedometer called the Fitbit. It's an expensive pedometer. It costs about 100 bucks so, you know, you can get a really good run for $30. But it has a wireless connection where when you get within about 15 feet of the wireless base station it will automatically send the stuff that you've been doing, your activities online and you can do Fitbit competitions against your friends. So this is a totally new device. A wireless pedometer didn't really exist before, let alone sharing and comparing with your friends. Another example gadget is Withings which is this scale that's got a Wi-Fi component to it so you just step onto it and it will upload your weight and your fat percentage and your body weight percentage all this sort of stuff to withings.com and then you can just look online. So this is taking Wi-Fi and a bathroom scale and putting them together and they're just swimming in links because people are really interested in that. People are interested in something that's a cool gadget like that. So both of those just happen to be gadgets but if you can come up with something new or viral or it could be a resource, it could be research, it could be something funny. You could be a cartoonist. There's a lot of ways to get to be known online and build up your reputation . So whenever you get to be known for something whatever it be if it's excellent then that will attract links naturally on its own. The challenge is stepping ahead of the crowd and sort of getting to be known and so think a little bit about the branding. What can I do that's different than anybody else? Can I start a blog that has a different take than anybody else? If you do these sorts of things that's the sort of thing that not only attracts links, not only attracts attention but also builds your reputation so that you can sort of bolster that and do more and more things online. Good luck!

Be creative: The best ad


Be motivated: Last chance

A few years ago my dad asked me if I would help him move. He needed me to take the bus to where he lived so that I could drive the U-Haul. I lived at the half way point between his old place and new one. My grandparents lived about 15 miles from my home. On the way to the new place, my dad stopped for the night at my grandparents while I went on to my house, planning to meet up in the morning for the rest of the trip.
The next morning I called out here to meet my dad and see my grandpa, who was very ill. I wanted to say bye before we left; we were very close. My dad insisted on meeting at my house because it would be a waste of time and almost 30 miles out of the way for me to meet him at my grandparent’s place. I gave in reluctantly and we were on our way.
I had the U-Haul unloaded by 4:30 that afternoon. My dad asked me if I wanted to stay the night and he would take me home in the morning. I told him no, that we needed to get going now. He said, "OK, let me eat and the we’ll go." After we got going, for most of the trip I keep telling my dad that we needed to hurry up. He would tell me he was going as fast as he legally could.
At about 10:00 that night we were still a couple hours from my grandparents house, I told my dad he could slow down now. He asked me why so I told him it was too late. He wanted to know what I meant by that. I just told him again that it was too late. I didn’t say much of anything the rest of the trip.
We pulled into my grandparents house just after midnight. The place was all lit up and someone else’s car was in the driveway. My dad went in and I stayed outside. When my dad came out I told him, "I already know; you don’t have to say anything."
I asked him if it happened around 10:00 and he said, "Yes. So that’s what you meant."
I had a very good relationship with my grandpa and did not get to say good-bye in the way we were accustomed. I knew in my heart that I needed to go out there that morning but it had become a time and distance issue.
If you have the opportunity to see your family, take it. So what if it is a few miles out of your way or if it takes a few extra minutes. It might be your last chance.

List of questions for discussion

1. What is the Internet?
2. What would the world be like without the Internet?
3. Could you live without the Internet?
4. Is the Internet dangerous?
5. What kind of technology will replace the Internet?
6. What annoys you about the Internet?
7. Are you addicted to the Internet?
8. What do you think of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo?
9. Can you remember the first time you used the Internet?
10. Do you think fingerprints or retina scans are better than ID cards?
11. Could the Internet have a better name?
12. What does the Internet need more of?
13. What is your favourite Internet site?
14. What do you think of the idea of Internet shopping or online dating?
15. Do you think people will prefer to live their lives on the Internet instead of real life?

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