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Price – цена
Recovery – восстановление, подъём, рост (особенно экономический)
Saving – (savings) сбережения
Recession – рецессия, спад
Compensation – компенсация, возмещение, восполнение
Economy – бережливость, расчётливость, экономия
Finance – финансы, доходы, деньги
Debt – долг, обязательство
Credit – кредит, долг
Overpriced – слишком дорогой, имеющий неоправданно высокую, завышенную цену

To pay – выплачивать (жалование, заработную плату), оплачивать (работу)
To go up – увеличиваться, расти, повышаться (о количестве, цене)
To hold – удерживать, поддерживать
To value – оценивать, производить оценку, устанавливать цену (в денежном эквиваленте)
To bargain – торговаться
To profit – приносить пользу, выгоду, прибыль
To cost – назначать цену, определять цену, рассчитывать стоимость (чего-л.)
To invest – инвестировать, вкладывать деньги, капитал
To decrease – уменьшать, сокращать
To regulate – регулировать

Pain at the Pump Market Commentary

We've seen energy prices in the headlines this week as oil prices have gone up due to tensions in Iran and a weakening U.S. dollar. This is something we're keeping a close eye on because it could pose a threat to our economic recovery. We've talked about in the past household consumer savings has gone down so there's less of a cash cushion . If gasoline prices do go up to four or even five dollars a gallon we could see discretionary spending cut which could cause those headwinds on our economic recovery. The stock market and the treasury market were some what quiet in this holiday shortened week their optimism earlier in the wake and then that some what stalled as we were hearing signs of a recession in the European countries. Combine that with doubts about the Greece bailout plan and that's stalled the equity rallying. But remember so far in two thousand twelve the equity market is still at very strong. And those concerns actually help the treasury market as we did experience some flight to quality there. Municipal bonds have been moving fairly closely to treasury bonds. So municipal bonds were down slightly this week but have had a pretty strong year so far in two thousand twelve. Right now there's a lot of cash sitting on the sideline and one of the reasons that the market's been so strong is there's been little issuance, in other words, municipalities aren't issueing as much debt as they have in the past and there's been strong demand as money continues to fall into the tax exempt bond funds. So both of these, you know, the higher demand and lower supply has certainly helped support our market prices. And we don't see that reversing anytime in the near term. Right now we think municipal bonds continue to be an investment, an attractive investment choice. Especially for somebody in a higher tax bracket. So next week we're going to be keeping our eye on some key economic indicators. There'll be durable goods uh... a revision to the GDP as well as consumer confidence . In the past we've seen some mixed signals so this could provide some needed insight into the strength of our recovery.

Be creative: The best ad


Be motivated: The seeker of truth

After years of searching, the seeker was told to go to a cave, in which he would find a well. "Ask the well what is truth", he was advised, "and the well will reveal it to you". Having found the well, the seeker asked that most fundamental question. And from the depths came the answer, "Go to the village crossroad: there you shall find what you are seeking".
Full of hope and anticipation the man ran to the crossroad to find only three rather uninteresting shops. One shop was selling pieces of metal, another sold wood, and thin wires were for sale in the third. Nothing and no one there seemed to have much to do with the revelation of truth.
Disappointed, the seeker returned to the well to demand an explanation, but he was told only, "You will understand in the future." When the man protested, all he got in return were the echoes of his own shouts. Indignant for having been made a fool of – or so he thought at the time – the seeker continued his wanderings in search of truth. As years went by, the memory of his experience at the well gradually faded until one night, while he was walking in the moonlight, the sound of sitar music caught his attention. It was wonderful music and it was played with great mastery and inspiration.
Profoundly moved, the truth seeker felt drawn towards the player. He looked at the fingers dancing over the strings. He became aware of the sitar itself. And then suddenly he exploded in a cry of joyous recognition: the sitar was made out of wires and pieces of metal and wood just like those he had once seen in the three stores and had thought it to be without any particular significance.
At last he understood the message of the well: we have already been given everything we need: our task is to assemble and use it in the appropriate way. Nothing is meaningful so long as we perceive only separate fragments. But as soon as the fragments come together into a synthesis, a new entity emerges, whose nature we could not have foreseen by considering the fragments alone.

List of questions for discussion

1. Do you look at and remember the price of goods when you are shopping?
2. What do you think of real estate prices?
3. When did you first start thinking and worrying about prices?
4. Why do prices vary so much from store to store when you buy things like electronics?
5. What happens when prices go up at a faster rate than salaries?
6. Do you think Internet prices of goods should be cheaper than retail prices in stores?
7. What do you think prices for everyday things will be like twenty years from now?
8. What prices will decrease over the next few years?
9. Do you keep an eye on share prices?
10. What do you think when you see an advert that says "Unbeatable Prices"?
11. Do you understand why oil prices go up and down?
12. How are prices in your country compared with those in other countries?
13. Is there a big variety in prices in the different food stores in your town?
14. Are low prices always good?
15. What can governments do to stop prices rising?

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