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Broker – маклер, посредник
Property – имущество, собственность
Contract – контракт, договор, соглашение
Owner – владелец, собственник, хозяин
Lease – аренда, сдача внаём, наём
Tenure – владение недвижимостью
Lessee – арендатор, съёмщик
Sublet – передавать в субаренду, сдавать в поднаём
Eviction – выселение, изгнание (с фермы, из дома, из квартиры)
Security deposit – залог

To rent – арендовать, брать в аренду
To sign – расписываться, ставить подпись
To provide – давать, предоставлять, обеспечивать
To invoice – выписать счёт-фактуру
To lease – брать внаём, в аренду
To sublet – передавать в субаренду, сдавать в поднаём
To search – искать, вести поиски, разыскивать
To suit – подходить, удовлетворять требованиям, устраивать
To share – разделять (что-л. с кем-л.), использовать совместно
To mortgage – ручаться, давать обещание

1. To sublet – to rent a flat, house etc to someone when you are renting it from someone else.
2. Property – things, especially valuable things, that are owned by someone.
3. To provide – to give someone something that they want or need.
4. Tenure – someone’s right to live on land and own it.
5. To share – to give a part of something to someone else.
6. The employment contract shall be signed on behalf of the Company by the Chairman of the Board or a person authorized by the Board of Directors.
7. Tenure at many universities depends solely on research publications and research grants although the universities' official policies are that tenure depends on research, teaching and service.
8. Explain why this is not a true advantage to the lessee.
9. I believe he implemented his own security deposit for you, but you were lost beyond a trace until Whitleaf found you this past summer.
10. You should sign this contract as soon as possible.

Real Estate- Buying, Selling & Renting - How to Rent an Apartment 

Hello, my name is Penny Smith. I'm a North Carolina real estate broker. Today I'd like to talk to you about how to rent a house or an apartment . There's quite a process that you need to go through. Once you find the property that you want to rent and you know that the price on that property is what you want to pay, then you need to sign a contract . If the owner doesn't already have preprinted contracts then he may require an application as well. And which you will have to provide him with your personal information so that he can do a search to make sure that you are a suitable renter. And then he will have to provide you with a contract. He can buy those contracts at Office Depot or get them from his personal real estate agent. In each case it is his responsibility to provide them. I highly recommend that you have someone to read over that contract to make sure it's in your best interest . Whether that be a real estate attorney or a family member that you think has some experience with contracts. Those are my recommendations on how to rent an apartment or house. Thank you and I hope you have a good day.

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Be motivated: Bad by name, bad by nature?

During Nelson Mandela's 19 years imprisoned on Robben Island, one particular commanding officer was the most brutal of them all:
"A few days before Badenhorst's departure, I was called to the main office. General Steyn was visiting the island and wanted to know if we had any complaints. Badenhorst was there as I went through a list of demands. When I had finished, Badenhorst spoke to me directly.
He told me he would be leaving the island and added: "I just want to wish you people good luck." I do not know if I looked dumbfounded, but I was amazed. He spoke these words like a human being and showed a side of himself we had never seen before. I thanked him for his good wishes and wished him luck in his endeavours.
I thought about this moment for a long time afterwards. Badenhorst had perhaps been the most callous and barbaric commanding officer we had had on Robben Island. But that day in the office, he had revealed that there was another side to his nature, a side that had been obscured but still existed.
It was a useful reminder that all men, even the most seemingly cold-blooded, have a core of decency and that, if their hearts are touched, they are capable of changing. Ultimately, Badenhorst was not evil; his inhumanity had been foisted upon him by an inhuman system. He behaved like a brute because he was rewarded for brutish behaviour."
Source: "Long Walk To Fredom" by Nelson Mandela

List of questions for discussion

1. What experiences do you have of paying rent?
2. Would you rather rent an apartment or a house?
3. Would you rather rent somewhere just for yourself or with friends?
4. What would you worry about if you rented your house or apartment to someone?
5. Would you feel like it’s your real home if you rented?
6. If you rented your property, would you keep visiting it to keep an eye on it?
7. What’s the most you would pay in rent?
8. How should rent be divided between four people in a 3-bedroom house, when 2 people share one bedroom?
9. What is a good landlord and a bad landlord?
10. Would you spend money on wallpaper, paint, the garden, etc. if you lived in rented accommodation?
11. How important are rent agreements?
12. How do you find rented accommodation in your town?
13. Would you rent out a room in your house to a lodger?
14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting rather than buying?
15. How often should a landlord put the rent up?

Для обсуждения данной темы присоединяйтесь к разговорным клубам. Студентам  индивидуального курса разговорные клубы предоставляются бесплатно. А если вы предпочитаете обучение в формате разговорных клубов, записывайтесь на групповые занятия.

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