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Time management – управление временем
Productivity – производительность, продуктивность
Allocating – распределение
Monitoring – мониторинг, контроль, наблюдение
Scheduling – планирование, распределение
Priority – первенство, преимущество, приоритет

To control – регулировать, контролировать, проверять
To increase – увеличивать, усиливать
To aid – оказывать помощь, поддержку; способствовать
To manage – управлять, уметь обращаться
To accomplish – совершать, выполнять, достигать
To comply – подчиняться, соответствовать
To prioritize – отдавать предпочтение, уделять первостепенное внимание
To create – производить создавать, творить
To spend – проводить (время)
To waste – тратить впустую

Efficient – действенный, результативный, эффективный
Effective – полезный, действенный, имеющий силу
Spare – свободный
Time-consuming – отнимающий много времени

Time management tips, time management skills

My name is Mark Walsh from Integration Training. This is our top 7 time management tips for busy people who wanna get more done without going crazy .

# 1. Get scented
So, get yourself together physically. Take a deep breath before you do anything.

# 2. Get a system

So, we use Getting Things Done by David Allen. Now, have a good system out there. Some kind of structure for how you handle your work flow. So, it might be a daily review or weekly review. Some kind of a system for looking at what you are doing.

# 3. Get it out of your head
All those ideas there in your head. All the different things you think you might need to do. Get those down. Get those out. Record them. Have some reliable system preferably on a list which brings us to.

# 4. Get specific
So, what concretely is it you need to do. There's something on your list for example Sort Marketing Plan. It's too big and your brain will look at that and say how would I do that? It's too much and move on to something else. Instead, you get all the things out of your head into specifics. Like call Dave or email Susan around marketing. Ask her the top 3 marketing companies in Brighton whatever it is. So, really specific on your list.

# 5. Get a crumple zone.
So, what I mean by this is a time and day that isn't booked out for things are ready. So, if your days are already completely chucked up from 9 'till 7 with meetings. You won't have any time to do the things that will come up. Most people's jobs today over 50% of their time and sometimes 80% is taking out with reactive things. Things that come in. So, some kind of space that crumple zone to do that is absolutely critical.

# 6. Get committed
There's actually no such thing as time management as to Dr. Who. But most of us are managing is our focus, our attention , energy and our commitments. So, what is it you said you would do and you wouldn't do. When people say they haven't got the time what they mean is i over committed or I prioritized something else. So, know what you're saying "YES" to. For this, you need to be able to say "NO"- equally important, and you also need to know what's really important for your job. So, you're not just being efficient but you're also being effective.

# 7. Get human
So, we're not machines. We do need time for rest. We do need time for flow and flexibility. So, as well as get efficient time management system. Its really important to make space for being a human being as well. If you're interested in Time Management Training for your organization, please get in touch. You can give us call or email us on our website Love to hear from you.

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Be motivated: To fool a wiseman

There once was a man who was digging for gold. And he discovered a large streak of gold, deep under his town. But he said to himself, "if word gets out about this, everyone else will grab it." So he tried to devised a plan. "It's easy to fool a fool," he said, "I've done that many times, but there are many wise people in this town, how will I keep them from finding this gold?" After a while, he thought of an ingenious plan. He went across the state and purchased a large load of Iron Pyrite (fools gold). Then he planted 1000's of pieces all over his town, in rivers, creeks, gullies, and everywhere one could imagine. Then he took the largest piece and ran down the main street screaming, "I've found gold! I've found gold!" This caused quite a commotion in his little town, and soon dozens of people were out with picks and shovels. In a few days, 100s of pieces were found, and there was a great euphoria covering the town. But when people started taking their pieces to the town jeweler, he gave them the terrible news. "All fakes." The people were heart broken, their euphoria turned into gloom. But the wise people of the town, who were cautious and not so quick to rush in, they got a good laugh out of it. Then the man who devised the plan, slowly started to buy up all the fake pieces, all the Picks, shovels and other mining equipment. And every once in a while a real piece of gold would surface, but people would take it to him, instead of the town jeweler. And the wise people of the town would scoff whenever a rumor came up about real gold. So he continued to mine to gold in peace, fooling both the fools and the wise men.

List of questions for discussion

1. How do you like to spend time?
2. Does it annoy you when people take their time doing things?
3. How much spare time do you have every day?
4. What is the most time-consuming thing you do in your life?
5. What do you do to kill time?
6. Is time on your side?
7. Have you ever been in the right place at the right time?
8. Do you agree that there’s no time like the present?
9. Alice Bloch said: "We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves." Do you agree?
10. Seneca said: "Time discovers truth." Do you agree?
11. Do you ever think life is a race against time?
12. What stage(s) in our life do we have all the time in the world?
13. Do you agree that time will tell?
14. Douglas Adams said: "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." Do you agree?
15. Einstein said: "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." What do you think of this quote?

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