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      Pleased to welcome you, dear teachers! 
We are happy to announce that more than 170 teachers of our school (both Russian-speaking and native speakers) are already working with a digital textbook EDclass. Most of the students are positive about the innovation and happy to keep on using the platform, and this is also the merit of teachers who conduct lessons on the ED course! As we have 1500 students on the platform already! We really appreciate your contribution to the improvement of EDclass. 
Lessons on the platform have proved to be exciting, progressive and effective. The methodology for the development of communicative skills is modern and advanced. As you can see, there are 9 courses already available for you and for your students in the section "ED courses" of your teacher's dashboard.

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Please, don't forget to inform your headteacher if you are going to have the first lesson on the platform with your student! Until the program is changed, students do not have an access to EDclass digital textbook in the personal cabinet.
The release of the updated version of the platform is expected at November 20. All the remarks and wishes are taken into account, as well as the system malfunctions. We are confident that everything is going to work stably.
In any case, feel free to leave your feedback in the “Rate the lesson” field and our developers will most definitely notice your comments. We are always here to help you in case you have any issues.

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Have a wonderful weekend, guys! Cheers!
Always yours. EnglishDom.

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