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Congratulations with the new academic year start!

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Good afternoon, our dear Teachers. We passionately congratulate you with the new academic year start! You all play a big part in your students' lives. You wipe the boundaries, make it easier for the students to communicate with foreigners and help them achieve their goals.

As the new school year begins, we have got some innovations at our school:

  • we want to remind that duration of the lesson will be 50 minutes
  • more bonuses

a) quick start (if a student start within 24 hours after an introductory lesson, he will receive 2 bonus lessons);
b) for bringing a friend to EnglishDom, your students and their friends now will receive 2 bonus lessons each. Please advertise this option among your students and remind them: 2 free lessons just for inviting a friend;
c) family discount... we still offer a 10% discount to the students, whose families study here, as well.

  • this October we start a new special program IT Development (it will be an individual course, not our usual IT one);
  • the interface of site has also changed, now you will see three products at our site:

a) English via Skype (individual lessons);
b) Online English (interactive lessons);
c) Discussion Club (Group Lessons).

  • very soon we are launching a mobile app;
  • this academic year we are launching our platform you have heard about: you may use it for the online courses.

And a few important things should also be mentioned:

  • your students need your emotions, your sparkling eyes at the lessons, be strict to your student, but praise them at the same time;
  • please, motivate and inspire your students;
  • don't forget to come on time; 
  • lessons should be structured; please, keep to the program the student has chosen;
  • always turn your video on, please, during the lessons;
  • there should be our BrandWall hanging behind you.

All our Team wishes you the best of luck and inspiration. We are always here for you! If you need any help, please, feel free to contact your manger. Wish tolerance to your students; strength and passion to your lessons; may all your students be excited with studying and grateful to you for all your work.

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