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A great guru of psychology — our teacher Ardin

Hi, real admirers of our articles about our best-of-the-best teachers. Today you are going to get acquainted with one of our great teachers. So please welcome Ardin, who knows not only how to be an awesome teacher, but who also has a great experience working as a psychologist and helping people in different and hard situations.

Education and working experience

Ardin is originally from Manchester, England, but currently resides in the Czech Republic with his wife and two cats. Some of us dream of graduating from Cambridge, but someone like our hero has made this dream come true. Ardin is a very goal-oriented person, he graduated from Cambridge University and received a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in Language Development.

– Please tell us what exactly language development means? 

– Sure, language development implies studying correct articulation, pronunciation, helps to understand the structure of the English language. If to speak particularly about pronunciation, we were taught a special so called "received pronunciation" which all BBC broadcasters and government officials have to undertake. As you might know not all British have such an accent, a lot of people have different regional dialects and sometimes even have trouble with understanding each other if they come from different parts of the country.

– When you go back to Manchester, do you start speaking with another accent? 

– Yes, we have another dialect in Solfed, the city where I was born. We tend to cut the end of the word or put the ends together or change the meaning of the word, for example say "me", instead of "my" and we sometimes don't even use the appropriate grammar constructions while speaking. So, for example we can say: "Gonna ga ta da gobbler to wep me lips, an'it?" Meaning: "We're going to go to the pub and have a drink."

But I would also like to assure all students that Ardin never talks this way while teaching, he has a great English BBC pronunciation, which is very nice and understandable, so you will definitely be not only pleased to hear a nice accent, but also be happy to have classes with a professional psychologist and a great FCE, CAE, IELTS, SAT and Advance Placement Instructor and examiner.

– Ardin, you are such an experienced teacher of so many international exams and you also have a great professional background in the field of psychology. Please let the cat out of the bag and tell us how you manage to combine these two occupations?

– First of all, I would like to say that it’s not that difficult to get to know the structure of the international exams, some of them are pretty similar, some of course differ, but anyway for every person who has a great desire to become the professional teacher it’s important to know how to teach these exams. I knew it would be important for my future. So I had studied for two years, before I became an instructor and examiner. Moreover, I adore working with people, I like communicating, helping them, that is why it gives me great pleasure when I realize that I did really help a person, that is why I like psychology so much.

Life is not always fair...

It was very interesting to know not only Ardin's working experience as a teacher, but also to get to know a little bit about his experience as a psychologist:

– At the beginning of my career I was sent to America to evaluate mental behaviour and thought processes of refugees, to analyze what they go through, to clarify whether they lose their identity or not, harm other people or not…The thing I found out was very heartbreaking! Life is not always fair for some people. The refugees from China, Vientnam killed people from Burma (the city which I visited), took advantage of them, killed them, that is because they were not given refugee status and could not go anywhere, could not work anywhere. So, I got back home from America and submit my findings to my boss about that fact and about the necessity to do something with that, but he just nodded his head and nothing was actually done to improve the situation. Though situation changed several years ago and 75 people from 200 were given refugee status and went to England and other countries, but so many people died during these years...

A champion of Kung-Fu, nice writer and a fascinating personality

Let’s now stop talking about work! It’s high time to proceed to Ardin’s hobbies.

– Ardin, you are such an active person, do you also have dynamic hobbies?

– Yes, I like martial arts. I used to practise Kung-Fu for 12 years and was a champion of Manchester for 3 years in a row. From the age of 19, I practised Karate and now I participate in Thai Boxing.

We have spoken about active sports, and here are some things which help Ardin relax.

Robert De Niro

David Morrell. Brotherhood of the rose

Martial arts

Fruit and vegetables

Here are some pieces of advice about studying English.

Tips for learners and teachers

For teachers:

  • be patient, learn from your students not only teach;
  • try to be understanding, be caring and respectful;
  • always have brisk classes with a sense of humour.

For students:

  • never punish yourself for mistakes, as there’s no perfect English, everyone can make mistakes, as one learns from making mistakes;
  • ask a lot of questions during classes, there is no such thing as a silly question.

– Ardin, what else do you like to do when you have free time?

– I like writing novels. By the way, I am writing a book now, it's a psychological drama, and it's the mix of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and "5th profession" by David Morrell.

– Wow! Cool! As soon as you write it till the end, please let me know, as I would love to read it!

Apart from writing books, our hero likes drawing and playing the saxophone. And here is s short video with Ardin for you.


It was really interesting for me to know that one person can obtain so many different characteristics. As that is not easy to be dynamic, strong, creative and warm hearted at the same time.

So, I wish everyone to have these features of character too as they help in life very much and see you soon in our school!

Feel English and Feel free

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