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A star of EnglishDom – our teacher Lune

Are you happy? If not, would you like to know the recipe of happiness and cheerfulness? Well, you can do that with our heroine Lune. She is a real star, she is so merry, cheerful and happy that every student who has classes with her becomes positive, energetic and ready to achieve new goals! So, if you would like someone to inspire you and get positive emotions during classes along with great knowledge of English, then start having classes with our teacher Lune. By the way, her name in Russian sounds also very "starry", as it resembles our Russian name for a moon.

A job of a teacher is a job of life

Not everyone and not always receives the job which he wants, sometimes we need to find what we really like and enjoy. Lune also had had experience working in different spheres until she realized that she has been searching for a job as a teacher for all her life.

– Let's talk a little bit about your career? 

– Certainly. I have a diploma in Business Management and Marketing, but it was pretty hard for me to find a job, so I started working in retail and, to tell the truth, it was not that pleasant for me to have such a job, so I started looking for another job and as I really wanted to work with people, I found a good job in an emergency hospital. On the one hand, I liked helping people very much, but on the other hand, I could not stand seeing people die. So, I needed to find something else, so that is why, in a while, I already started working as a paralegal. But frankly speaking, I did not find this job that interesting either, as I like communication very much, but this job implied working a lot with papers. Meanwhile, my friend came around and told how it was great to be a teacher and I thought to myself: "Wow! I have always wanted to become a teacher in my childhood, then thought about that many times when I became an adult, why not to try?" So, I went to China and worked there as a teacher for 2 years and taught students ranging from ages 5 to 58. It was really great experience after which I realized that the job of a teacher is what I have looked for all my life!
"You never fail until you stop trying."
— Albert Einstein

– I see that you needed to come through a lot of other professions until you finally found what you have been searching for the whole of your life, right?

– Yes, that’s true and it’s so great to wake up in the morning with a nice thought that my morning will begin with my lovely students, it’s awesome when a person likes his job, when it brings pleasure.

– I agree with you completely. Do you have your favourite student?

– No, every student is valuable for me, so I cannot say whom exactly I love most of all.

Some funny situations during classes and the recipe how to be happy

– I am sure that every teacher while teaching students faces with funny situation. Did you experience such situations during classes?

– Yes, certainly. One of my students, who is 15 years old, sometimes has bad connection because of her Internet provider, so once she has not done her home task and decided to get off the hook somehow, so she called me and started making different face expressions improvising that she is talking and cannot hear me because there is bad Internet connection. Though, in reality she did not make a single sound, while I heard her dog barking and other noise in the room. So, I decided to do it this way, I said to her: "Sweetie, I will call your mother right now and ask her to help you to fix the Internet" and she immediately answered: "Oh, do not worry, I can hear you now very good".

– That is really interesting to hear how quirky some students might be. Perhaps you had some more interesting stories, didn’t you?

– Yes, not that long ago I had a converstaion with one of my students and on my question: "How do you know when someone is having a heart attack?" the studet replied: "It is when you have a pain in your chest of drawers".

I hope anyone of you will never ever have any heart attacks, may just your chest of drawers has it and you stay as healthy as you are. By the way, when it comes to talking about health, especially in greeting cards, we always talk about happiness. Furthermore, in different societies throughout history, happiness has been equated with sheer luck or the certitude of religious belief. Others have thought that happiness means being a good person or being able to live a life of pleasure and leisure. It was very interesting for me to know what happiness means to Lune, as she always looks so merry, enthusiastic and so cheerful!

– Lune, will you let a cat out of the bag and tell us what makes you so happy?

– Well, first of all my job makes me happy, as it brings me great pleasure, secondly my husband whom I love so much and one more important thing is God’s love. I am a very religious person, so I think God helps me to live in a proper way and makes me very happy.

If you are still hesitating about the way how to become happy and be positive every day, just arrange classes with Lune and she will definitely generate a happy atmosphere just by her presence in the class and of course by lots of smiles, anecdotes and warm conversations.

A great gardener, loyal wife and a beautiful woman

Each of us likes to spend time with close people whom you love, Lune is not the exception.

– How do you like to spend free time?

– I enjoy being with my husband as we love each other so much!

– That is so great when people love each other so much. Where did you meet your husband if it’s not a secret?

– Of course, it’s not a secret. I met him online via the social network; we communicated for a while and then got married.

– How do you prefer to relax?

– My husband is a great chef, he cooks very delicious food and it’s so great to relax eating something yummy. One more thing that helps me to relax is reading, I like romances and fantasy as these genres seem really captivating and fascinating to me.

– What else do you prefer to do when you have free time?

– When it’s hot I like swimming and my favourite hobby is gardening, I like seeing everything grow, especially flowers, I have a lot of them every summer.

Here are some more things which our heroine likes:


"The heavenly man"

"Eat, pray, love"



Lune was also pleased to provide her colleagues with some valuable tips

I am sure that everyone will agree with Lune’s statement: "Your students will always be as good as you are. It means if you smile, they will smile. So behave the way you would like your students to behave. It’s also important to get to know how they are doing and make this question not formal, but at least sometimes try to be as a psychologist and help students in difficult situations by the piece of advice or just listening to them as it always helps."

There are also some tips for learners

One more thing which Lune recommended is reading a lot at home out loud in order to hear all sounds that you make and train pronunciation and of course not to be afraid of making mistakes, as everyone of us is learning through mistakes.

Here is a short video interview with Lune. Enjoy it!

I would like to finish this article with a phrase which one of the students said to Lune the other day: "You are a superwoman. How do you make it?" And Lune answered: "Just being friendly, smiling all the time and having sense of humour". So, if you want to have super powers and win the hearts of all people, just keep smiling and share positive emotions with everyone. 

Feel English and Feel free

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