Новости школы
Новости школы

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Мы ценим ваше мнение. Оставьте отзыв о том, как проходит обучение.

Missis fascination and enchantment

The quality of someone's teaching does not just refer to how much information they manage to get into their student's heads or the results that they produce. It also refers to their technique and presentation. Many teachers have a fantastic amount of knowledge that would be greatly useful to students, but they have no idea of how to express it. Great teaching often has less to do with wisdom and skills, but more to do with their attitude to their student, their subject and their work. Heather knows how to incorporate creativity, good grasp of grammar, speaking as well as great attitude to students into every lesson.

Today we are going to get to know more about this great and charming teacher Heather. So, welcome our beautiful lady and an experienced teacher.

Teaching from childhood…

Sometimes it happens that we play different roles in our childhood: we try to be a doctor or a pilot or somebody else. Heather used to play a role of a teacher.

– Well, I usually taught my brother and sister different things. But I was asked afterwards to play cricket with my brother. So, I knew that I would become a teacher already from my childhood.

– Would you please tell a little bit more how you became a teacher?

– First I gained a pre-primary teacher’s qualification and started to teach little children. Then I was called to teach English and history at the high school. In order to begin working at the high school I got a degree of a qualified teacher majored in English, history and linguistics.

– Does it mean that if a student would like to know a bit of morphology, phonology or etymology of words, you can always help the student with this matter, right?

– Of course. Whatever the student is interested in, I am always eager to help him or her. So, if the student is interested in grammar, I will provide him with certain worksheets to help with grammar, if he is interested in phrasal verbs, I will certainly help with that too.

– You are such a great teacher; always know how to help students to gain their goals.

The smell of the wild nature and the taste of the strong family relationship

Wild nature fills our heroine with lots of energy. She lives in the village next to Simons town where there are a lot of porcupines, baboons, hedgehogs and other different animals.

– Isn’t it dangerous to live nearby wild animals?

– No, it’s not, we got used to them. Moreover, we enjoy contemplating nature, having picnics, walking up the mountains along with my husband and children.

– Yes, it’s always great to enjoy time spent together with your family, how many children do you have?

– I have 2 daughters; both of them are grown-ups already, one works as an audiologist and another one works as a doctor in the emergency.

– Wow! It might be very difficult to work in the emergency, right? Who impelled her to make such a decision to work as a doctor?

– Oh, it was long ago, when she went to Zambia and saw a lot of blind people, the whole big village of people was blind because of the fly which laid eggs, they hatched into worms in a while, infecting the eyes and making them blind. The only thing which the whole village needed was the antibiotic, which cost 5 dollars, but they did not have this sum of money and became blind. Having seen this situation, my daughter decided to become a doctor.

– I have never heard such touching stories before! You might be proud of your daughter!

– Yes, of course! I am proud of both of my daughters and a husband too! He cooks as a real chef! So, delicious! But I mostly adore when Saturday comes, then we prepare different puddings; eat my favorite nuts and cranberries.

– Sounds nice and I suppose that it tastes great also. Let’s talk a bit about your dreams. Where do you dream to go?

– Oh, I would love to visit Israel someday. First of all, I am interested in visiting this country because of the language, as this is the oldest language of the world, and all languages come from Hebrew. Secondly, this country preserves the great architecture and a lot of interesting sightseeings, so I would definitely like to go there.


“Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen

“Criminal minds”

Nuts, cranberries


Tips for the new teachers:

  • Try to make studying process as interesting as possible;
  • Try to keep positive atmosphere during classes, every teacher should have a sense of humour in order to make the student more interested in classes.
  • Be ready to be not only a teacher for the student, but also a psychologist, as it happens that sometimes you will need to support your pupils as some of them might have some problems with children, others divorce and some would like to share the happiness of their future marriage and want you to be a part of their thoughts and ideas, so try to keep closer contact with your students and they will always be thankful for that.

Tips for the students:

  • Read English newspapers, especially “The Guardian”, it’s very informative and will help you to master new modern vocabulary as fast as possible;
  • Listen to BBC news with transcripts to understand everything.

Here is a short video interview with our heroine Heather. Enjoy it!


It was very interesting for me to talk to Heather, she was so enthusiastic and energetic that overwhelmed me with the positive energy too. If you would like your lessons to be full of sense of humour, charm as well as modern English along with dozen of phrasal verbs, you are welcome to classes with Heather! She will be the one who will guide you on your way to perfection in the English language.

Feel English and Feel free

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