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Наша школа

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Our warm-hearted teacher Stephen

Hello our dear readers! How are you doing? Are you looking forward to seeing a new article about one of our best of the best teachers? Then welcome Stephen, our unfaceted diamond who appeared to be not only a great responsible and experienced teacher, but also a very nice warm-hearted personality.
In our world it’s not that easy to find people who are very easy-going, sincere and easy to work with, Stephen is a person like this. Our meeting for an interview was so natural and unstrained that, frankly speaking, I did not want to end it up.

Master of all trades

Our hero started his career not from teaching, but from working as a topographical surveyor. Here how it was:

– My first job was connected with civil engineering; I used to work as a topographical surveyor. My main task was creating the maps of lands before construction of new buildings.

– Did you like this job?

– Yes, certainly, it involved a lot of Math, that has always been interesting for me.

– Did you have any other jobs before starting the career of a teacher?

– Yep, one of the positions which I occupied was a position of an immigration officer. My main duties were checking the visas and looking through the passports in order to make sure that all documents are done officially and correctly.

– That is rather interesting experience and I know that you devoted a lot of time to this job, why did you decide finally to change it and start working as a teacher?

– Well, you won’t believe me – I got bored to be in England. But by means of this job I travelled a lot and appeared to be in Bolivia, which I liked so much that decided to stay there. There are not so many English speakers in this beautiful country. Most people speak Spanish, so a lot of my new Spanish friends started to ask me to teach them English, so I, of course, agreed to teach them. I had students mostly from 14 till 25 years old and also had several kids who were 6 years old.

– Who is it more interesting for you to teach, adults or children?

– Well, I cannot say exactly whom I like more, students differ and it’s not that correct to tell who is better to teach. But I would like to emphasize the ability of children not to be afraid of making mistakes, they usually tell everything what on their mind is and it’s great. By the way, this feature of kids is valuable for adults too, so if they take it over from children, they will learn fast for sure.

Some methods of teaching from CELTA course

CELTA is one of the most widely taken qualifications of its kind. It is highly respected and gives you the skills you need to teach English anywhere in the world.

This popular teaching qualification gives you the opportunity to live and work abroad and pursue a highly rewarding teaching career. Stephen has decided to attend courses and receive this teacher’s certificate and he admitted that it was not that hard.

– Stephen, you have CELTA certificate, that is one of the best certificates, which native speakers can gain. How did you get to know about this certificate?

– One of my Italian friends told that it was even better then TEFL and TESOL and he decided to take a preparation course for it, that is why, I decided to try it with him, why not? Just 5 weeks and you are a guru.

– Would you please share some interesting methods of teaching, which you were taught while preparing for CELTA?

– Well, the main thing which I mastered is that the classes should be interactive with lots of games and interesting activities for a student not to get bored. For example, we threw the ball to each other and named word associations, another kind of game intended to be connected with words too, in particular, some stickers with new words were put on the walls and we were supposed to find them with closed eyes. Moreover, we practiced grammar via games, we were given some sentences with the gaps and two possible answers for each gap, so if we chose, for example, Present Perfect we needed to step to the left, if we chose Present Continuous we needed to step to the right and so on.

– Wow, sounds really interesting! Thank you very much for sharing this information with us.

We have talked a lot about our hero’s career, now let’s talk about his hobbies.
Stephen appeared to be a very active and sporty person. He likes not only extreme sports, but also chooses countries for travelling where there are opportunities and nature for such types of sports, for example, he picks countries with mountains for rock-climbing and hiking, seas for water rafting and so on.

– I know that you adore travelling, what countries have you visited?

– I have visited more than 30 countries and most of all liked three of them. I liked Nepal, as there are high mountains and I can practice rock-climbing. I adored Slovenia, as I managed to practice water rafting and taste really nice food there. I admired Russia, especially St. Petersburg because of nice architecture and it will sound a little bit corny, but I also liked the taste of vodka. Don’t think that I drink much; I have just tasted it and can say that, in comparison with English vodka, which is disgusting, Russian one is really good.

There is one thing which makes Stephen a magnetic personality, that is his ability to play guitar:

– I used to play in two bands.

– Oh, my God! I did not know that! It's so cool! What kind of music did you play?

– I mostly played acoustic music and heavy rock.

But that is not the only thing our teacher makes for fun, he enjoys biking very much and in a while he is going to take part in the marathon of bikers and ride on the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, the altitude of which is from 1200–5000 meters. So, let's keep our fingers crossed, hoping that he will be the winner in this competition.

mountain biking, rock-climbing, slacklining

"Idiot" by Dostoevsky

“Seven pounds”

Indian food such as Chicken Tikka Massala


Stephen was also pleased to provide his colleagues and students with some valuable tips.

Tips for new teachers

  • be genuinely interested in students;
  • care about helping them;
  • create interactive tasks for them.

Tips for learners

  • do not be afraid to talk;
  • do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Here is a short video interview with our charming hero. Enjoy it!

I would not like to finish this article, as it was real pleasure for me to write about such a nice personality as Stephen. So, dear friends, I would like to wish you to meet such charming, easy-going and open people as our today’s hero and your life will be full of positive emotions and happiness.

Feel English and Feel free

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what a man :)

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Yes, that's true :)

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