Новости школы
Новости школы

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Мы ценим ваше мнение. Оставьте отзыв о том, как проходит обучение.

Soulmate of EnglishDom - our teacher Wianda

Welcome dear ladies and gentlemen to our world of new people and new characters. Today we are going to talk to one of our teachers, who is proficient in teaching not only general course and conversation, but also in teaching international exams. Her name is Wianda. She was glad to share some information with me about her personal life and teaching experience.

Step by step to the career of a teacher

It’s always difficult to choose the right job very quickly. You need to work somewhere before you understand who you are by calling and what job you need to pick. Wianda used to work at her parents’ clothing store when she studied. By the way, it was very interesting to get to know some information about our heroine’s education and further teacher’s experience:

– I used to study law, all kinds of law: criminal law, medical law, family law and so on. But I did not practise in this sphere so far. Though, I have one student, whom I am helping with commercial law now. So, it’s very interesting both for her and for me.

– Great! By the way, when did you decide to become a teacher and where did you work before our school?

– I used to work freelance as a teacher for 3 years, then I worked 3 years as a teacher for the school "English town" and now I am here with you.

– All your students praise you very much, they say that you are a great teacher and you are like a soulmate for each of them. I am also curious what students you like mostly to work with? Should they be grown-ups or children?

– All students are equal for me, I like them all.

– What courses do you prefer to teach?

– I can teach general course, conversation course, I also teach grammar and prepare students to pass international exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOIEC.

– I am sure that most of the students are familiar with exams IELTS and TOEFL, but I am unsure if they are aware of what TOIEC is. Would you please tell a little bit about this exam?

– The Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC is an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. Not many people know that this exam was originated in Japan, where people needed somehow to prove their qualification and they did it with the help of this exam. There are two versions of TOEIC: paper based and online. It comprises four aspects of English, such as speaking, reading, listening and writing. The easiest part is speaking, usually there are given pretty easy tasks and you are not talking to a real person, but your voice with the speech is just recorded by the computer and then verified by examiners.

– What level should a person obtain to pass it?

– Usually people need to have the level not lower than Upper-Intermediate, otherwise, they will struggle with passing the exam.

– Oh, I see, how long is the validity of the gained certificate?

– It is valid for 2 years. Then you need to retake it, if needed.

– Thank you very much, Wianda, for sharing this information. 

Tender woman, great cook and a wonderful wife

We talked a lot about the working experience of our dear heroine; let’s talk a bit to her about her hobbies.

– Wianda, what do you prefer to do when you have free time?

– I like travelling very much, especially I adore exploring new places and sightseeing. I visited Ireland recently and liked Belfast and Dublin very much, also admired the museum of Madam Tussauds inLondon. You can see a couple of pictures from this museum.

– I wish I also saw this museum. What else do you like doing when you have spare time?

– I like cooking very much! I usually cook roasted chicken, pasta and Indian food, I often experiment with spices and flavours and I also make my own bread.

– I also know that you got married not so long ago, where did you meet your husband?

– Oh, you know everything! My marriage was a great event for me, probably like for every woman.
We got acquainted with my future husband at my friend’s birthday party a couple of years ago. We were students when we met, he studied psychology and I studied law, in a while he went to another city and I had to wait for him, but it did not prevent us from being together.

Our heroine is not fond of sports.

"Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks

All kinds of comedies and dramas

Chicken Masala


Classes with a smile

Students sometimes struggle with right usage of prepositions and it leads to funny situations:

– What did you do yesterday? – asked Wianda,
– I was in the Internet. – said the student, not realizing that he said that he had been inside the computer.

Sometimes students also say: "I was in the beach", it seems like they are under the sand. So, there are a lot of different situations during classes, but we learn more when we smile, so let’s not be afraid to make mistakes as they will help us to memorize new information.

Our dear teacher Wianda was also glad to share some knowledge how to teach for tutours who are beginners and she also gave some valuable tips for students.

Tips for new teachers

  • be patient, you should realize that all students are at different level of proficiency and knowledge does not come just over night, you need to work hard with the student;
  • keep friendly and welcoming atmosphere, do not forget to praise students;
  • correct students’ mistakes, write notes to students with new words;
  • work on students’ pronunciation and intonation.

Tips for students

  • relax, enjoy the class as if you do not relax and be nervous you won’t be able to digest new information;
  • ask questions;
  • do not be afraid to make mistakes, as you learn through mistakes;
  • record your voice and listen to it afterwards, practice shows that people start to see the mistakes when they record their voice.

Here is a short video interview with our heroine Wianda. Enjoy it!

 If you still hesitate what teacher to choose, you should read this article and you won’t doubt any longer, as Wianda will certainly win your heart! See you in our June issue! Enjoy the spring weather and your lessons!

Feel English and Feel free

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