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Enjoy winter holidays!

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Hello dear teachers! How are you today? Are you looking forward to receiving Christmas presents? We hope you do! As you all know that we cherish you so much and appreciate your work with us! You are all very professional, easy-going, kind and attentive. So we thank you for being a part of our team this year. Many of you have been working with us for years already and this is absolutely great! Thanks a million for that as well.

We would like to congratulate you all with the upcoming New Year and Christmas!
May joy and happiness spread widely in your lives! May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. We wish you tons of love, pleasant emotions and harmony in your souls.

We kindly remind you not to forget about arranging make up classes with the students in advance, because a lot of them may plan to have their winter holidays. So please check your schedules for the beginning of January.

We also make New Year presents to our new students and the ones who bring them: whenever our current students invite their friends to the school, they get bonus classes. When their friend starts having classes with the Russian teacher, the one who brought this new student to the school gets 4 classes for free from our school. In case the new student wants to have classes with a native speaker, then he / she gets 2 classes with the teacher and also 2 classes gets the person who brought this new student to the school. Please tell about this bonus program to the students. We would appreciate this very much!

Enjoy the rest of the year and get ready for more pleasant news! Take care!

EnglishDom Team

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