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February 23 is Men's Day!

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      Dear teachers!
Can you already feel that light smell of spring that is coming? No? Well, we do! And if you still see some snow and slush outside, just close your eyes for a second and imagine the bright sun shining and warm wind touching your skin. The spring is almost here! And there is nothing to stop it!
This one-of-the-last winter days we would like to say “hi” to you. But that's not all! Winter gives us one more chance to wish something nice, warm and kind to real men around us. February 23 is considered to be Defender of the Fatherland Day or simply Men's Day in some countries. So don’t miss a chance to congratulate all your male friends and relatives!
As for EnglishDom team, February 23 is going to be a holiday and a day off for us. But, of course, if you have an overwhelming desire to work that day and it also matches your students’ plans, then you are totally welcomed to have classes together.
By the way, we are waiting for spring to come faster and looking forward to having a special day for women as well! And it's coming up soon!
We are staying in touch and wishing you warm spring inside your hearts! Cheers!
Kind regards,
EnglishDom team 

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