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February news

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Hello our dear teachers! We're happy to feel the smell of spring in the air that really influences people's mood as well as our school affairs in a good way. So we would like to share our latest achievements with you.

Firstly, our friendly team keeps enlarging with new highly professional teachers. Secondly, despite the fact that our students' requirements have become more complicated you, our dear teachers, cope with their demands easily. It doesn't matter if it's an IT-course or an International Exam preparation – you teach them perfectly well.

This time of year is usually very busy, and currently we are working on many interesting projects. Please welcome our smart and cute creature Roby. He assists our students in navigating the site, indicating their goals and interests in learning English and gives medals for reaching them. The next innovation you could notice at your teachers' dashboards is the undoubtedly helpful button "Show". Clicking on it you can monitor your students' attendance.

Also some changes were brought in our "Invite a friend" special offer. If your student wants to share his or her experience of studying English at our school with his friend, he should give his friend a referral link to his personal account. In this case both, he and the person who’s invited him, will get a bonus lesson from the school.

As you know, the International Women Day is coming and it is going to be an official day off. So please make sure you know your students' plans for the period of the 5th to the 8th of March. It would be a good idea to agree on the make up dates beforehand to avoid misunderstanding with your students.

You are always welcome to address your manager for any assistance. We hope you enjoy your spring time!

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