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An interview with our energetic student Natalia

Dear friends, I’m glad to introduce you Natalia today. Frankly speaking, I was really pleased to get acquainted with her. We were talking for quite a long period of time and I didn’t want to finish our conversation at all. But, nothing lasts forever… the only thing I’d like to say is  we are really glad to have all of you, so different, talented, and purposeful. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy the story as I did.

That's what Nataly told us about her decision to study English by Skype with EnglishDom.com:

"The summer of 2010 I decided to take private English lessons on Skype and surfed the Internet in search of an appropriate web-site. EnglishDom at that time used to be Callhouse. I sent a request and got a reply from this company immediately. You recommended me to take lessons with native speaker John who is from Portland (USA, OR). From that time till present I've been having classes with John once a week and I'm very satisfied with the quality of our classes."

— Nataly, how can you describe yourself?

— I consider myself being a creative person therefore my hobbies are connected with different creative processes such as playing the piano (which is, actually, my great passion and the way to express myself), painting, dancing, cooking… once I even tried modeling of the clay. My other part of life is doing outdoor fitness  cycling, rollerblading, swimming, mountain-skiing, ice-skating. These hobbies are very important for me and definitely my life would seem incomplete without doing sports.
My third passion is studying foreign languages. English has already become my second native language and sometimes I feel more comfortable when speaking English than Russian. I'm also working on my French which is on the Intermediate level now, I usually have two 1-hour classes a week via Skype with a Russian teacher. Recently I started getting familiar with Spanish, and it is quite easy to learn on my own due to its similarity with French in both vocabulary and grammar.

— You are such a passionate person as I can see, and do you feel the same about your job?

— I've been working as a fitness trainer for more than 4 years. I train people every day in groups and personally, usually I have from two to five one-hour classes per day and 1 day-off in a week. It is a very challenging and emotional work in my view, and I highly enjoy the process of teaching people how to do the fitness. The results are also valuable and highly achievable, especially in personal training.

— And what kind of training do you provide?

— I provide people with the Core Strength Training, which is relatively new kind of fitness. Core strength training differs from many traditional weight training routines by working both the lower back and abdominals in unison. The same is true for the upper and lower body. All athletic movements incorporate the core in some way. Very few muscle groups are isolated. Instead the whole body works as a unit and core strength training endeavors to replicate this.

— What are the benefits of core strength training to the athlete?

— Well, it gives the athlete greater efficiency of movement, improved body control and balance, increased power output from both the core musculature and peripheral muscles such as the shoulders, arms and legs, reduced risk of injury (the core muscles act as shock absorbers for jumps and rebounds etc.), improved balance and stability and improved athletic performance!

— Nataly, what was the most exciting trip of yours?

— I still can't forget my amazing trip to the USA. I visited so many magnificent places: New York city, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami, Portland (Or), San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas. And, of course, it was unforgettable experience for me to visit my American teacher in Portland. We spent really great time together, John has a wonderful family. There was one interesting fact, that the sky in Portland was always grey, cloudy, it was always wet there. There is even a monument devoted to the man with an umbrella in his hands. Though, John told me only tourists had umbrellas, because permanent residents had got used to wet weather and didn’t feel any discomfort. We had a real American barbeque and, frankly speaking, it was delicious. I also tried to cook traditional Russian pancakes for John and his family, hope they liked it.

What we think about we bring about. Be optimistic in thoughts and enjoy every moment of your life!

I definitely have a sweet tooth. I am a chocolate addict. Can't live a day without eating something sweet: cookies, milk chocolate, sweet fruit as bananas, grapes, apples.

When I'm on my vacations, I prefer to discover new places. And of course, I like it everywhereI can practice my English. I've already been to England (London, Oxford, and Brighton), Malta, Germany (Munich, Regensburg), and the USA.

Lexus. Just like their design. I'm a dummy in cars actually.

"Cruel intentions". Actors, the plot and soundtrack – are all amazing.

I like listening to classic music and also soundtracks from musicals (the Phantom of the Opera, We will rock you by Queen), the Beauty and the Beast — are my favorite ones.

I do Fitness every day. Fitness is my hobby, my passion, my way of life.

I adore reading, especially in original language. "Theatre" and "The moon and sixpence" are the best of W. Somerset Maugham's books.

Wishes for students
The first thing about doing any kind of activity is motivation. Which means you have to love what you do, to enjoy it and to be sure that you will achieve your goals regardless of any obstacles on your way.

Wishes for school
I'm very grateful to EnglishDom for all the opportunities this web-site provides and the only thing in my mind to wish is "Keep working".

Hope, you enjoyed the story as I did. We thank Nataly for sharing this information with us, it was really exciting and motivating. I suppose, because, personally me, have started going to the gym already. So, who’s next?

P.S. You have a wonderful opportunity to listen to Natalia’s records, she plays the piano incredibly. 

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