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Monthly news

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Good afternoon dear teachers!  We are glad to inform you that we have launched the new rubric of news! Yoo-hoo! Every month you will be able to read some company news, as well as some reminders about rules of the school to feel that you are a part of EnglishDom family.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that we cherish each of you as professional teachers and great personalities, you are like a real family to us. Some of the teachers did their best this month, so special thank you we would love to tell:

Cari – who merged into the system of leading new format discussion clubs no matter how hard it was, Alesya G. – who prepared a great teachers’ training for all Russian tutours, which is already coming soon in October, Bronwyn – for providing students with the best class outlines ever, Inna Sh. – for her ability to motivate students to learn for a long time and Chris B. – for being patient and flexible with students.

As the new site was just recently launched, we would like to remind you some things for you not to forget them:

  • The student has the right to cancel the class twice a month 12 hours beforehand by clicking the button "Cancel the class" in his personal account; so it's not necessary for him to cancel classes by emails except the cases when he/she would like to take the big break in further education process, in this case he/she should inform you about that either by the email or orally during classes. All missed classes except one cancelled should be made up (held additionally apart from the classes according to the schedule). If the student does not agree to make up classes, you should notify him that due to poor regularity he will not benefit from classes and also in some cases (if the student does not understand the point) it's recommended to tell the student that your salary depends upon his regularity.
  • There is also good news about students' paid packages for classes, right now they can pay only for 5 classes and for 10 classes, and the package for 2 classes exists only for new comers, in other words, the new student can pay only once for 2 classes to try if he likes everything and then will need to pay either for 5 or for 10 classes.
  • If there is 1 class left on student's account, now he receives an automatic reminder that he needs to pay for further education, so it will save your time to remind students about the necessity to pay, but anyway please remember that there will be some students who will need your reminders anyway, as some of them may not believe the automatic system.
  • There is one more important thing we would like you, dear teachers, to ask a favour for, – that is to remind your students when they pay for classes to insert the email of the person they are paying for while making a payment, as all accounts are tied with the emails provided my the person in the profile, and when the student pays for his child, but inserts his email, his payment automatically gets to his account, not to his child's one. Many of you have the families that study with you, so please remind them about this rule.

Thank you very much for your attention and have a great week and enjoy the autumn!

P.S. If you were not told a "special thank you", please do not be offended, it does not mean that we do not like you or you are a bad teacher, it just means that we have too many teachers and we cannot praise everyone at once, but your manager will always give you a nice feedback about your work and in case you have any questions, will always help you, just do not hesitate to ask for help!

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