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November news

Нет времени? Сохрани в

Good afternoon, dear teachers! We congratulate you on the first days of winter! But, whether it's good for us or not, it's not cold outside. Moreover, it looks like early spring. But, perhaps, there is a little snow in your region and you could share your amazing impressions with us.

Anyway, the winter is coming bringing the foretaste of its marvellous holidays. I bet you all already want to sing Christmas songs and experience that extraordinary feeling of coming holiday while having pre-New Year lessons with your students and planning your own celebrations. So, you can start doing that right now!

But, first of all, let us come to conclusion what we have achieved during this cold but really pleasant November. All of you have had quite a lot of lessons which are great because

a) you're fascinating tutors and b) it's a season for intensive studying.

We are sending a big «Thank you» for all of you and really appreciate your work and efforts of involving your students into the language. You could give your students more reasons to study English, motivate and encourage them with what you have already learned with them. In addition don't forget that brief, but sincere feedback is so necessary for your students!

New ways of learning English

We inform all of you that there are other kinds of studying at our website (such as "Interactive education" and "Group classes"), which are not so popular as "Individual lessons" with teachers, but they also give the opportunity to learn the language! If you need more information about how they work, please contact your managers and they will answer all your questions.

What is more, students have an option to study English for free – it is a menu "Skills" at their Personal account – our Content Department have developed and increased the number of qualitative and interesting topics for discussion, popular videos with subtitles, new words and phrases for actual topics and grammar rules. That's really exciting! So you can encourage your students to spend more time at their Personal account and learn all the aspects of language. If you need more detailed information with screen shots and explanation to tell your students, you can ask your headteacher as well, she knows everything!

Do not forget to remind your students that they can cancel their class by means of the automatic button. Students can do it 12 hours beforehand the lesson – it helps you to keep your students attendance regular.

Also we would like to introduce new courses and materials to you that we could offer at our school now. As you know, many of our students ask if we have classes with the IT program. That's why we have developed a new course in this specialization, and picked up books for different levels. You can find materials for IT course on your dashboard in ED books in the section "English for IT".

November news, изображение 1

We are getting better

Our team is growing fast – a new marketing specialist has started to spread advertisements about the courses actively and promote school image on education market. She cooperates with famous blogs and companies in promotion. As a result 24 students have joined our school lately due to the advertising materials and articles on the first educational sites in Russia. We believe it's just the beginning. Our further plans contain development and support of new and prospective projects including development of emerging markets.

We always go forward and don't stay at the same point! We value our professionals, and the best members of our team are long term tutors, loyal to our common business and teaching. We are always in search of new employees, new prospects and improvement of our methods of teaching. Our school is constantly going up, and new students are coming every day. Each of them will find their teacher who will guide them through this creative process of studying English. And we are currently looking for professionals who will become really cool teachers for their students. Besides, if a new teacher comes by the recommendation of our loyal colleague, the last one will receive a pleasant little New Year gift from our school.

Holidays are coming

Regarding to the most important point nowadays, we are glad to let you know that you can safely stay at home with your family from 31.12 to 03.01 and on 07.01. These days are official holidays at our EnglishDom family, but on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th of January we will be at our working places doing our job. Please, be sure that your students are informed about our school days off so that they can make their own plans.

One more thing, a little bit later we will ask you to fill up a table where you will be able to give information about each student's progress and absence interval. This table will be really useful for us to choose suitable time for calling up your students in order to help them to resume their classes.

It's not a secret that winter is a good time for leaving troubles behind and diving into the merry world of winter holidays. But before your students do this please encourage them to make up some lessons that will be missed enjoying their winter holidays beforehand. Give them the most motivating reasons to have classes before their holiday starts. Because you know how difficult it is to make up lessons after the snow has melted. We are sure you know that making up lessons is good not only for their successful results but also for you as teachers.

Thank you for your attention! Have a successful and cheerful December!

Feel English and feel free

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