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Spring – best time to educate yourself

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It's getting warmer and warmer every day. It means that it is high time for new commitments and beginnings to appear. Our students are becoming more inspired for studying, that is why we are trying to support their desire to know English better. So we do our best to provide them with tools for achieving their goals in English. We are glad to share our new upgrades with you so you could see that we are moving forward and also to share some good ideas what extra materials to use with your students.

Recently our school has presented a new project which aim is to keep in touch with people sharing our passion for English. EnglishDom webinars are a new tool to get our students together and find new ones. Our teammates have already held two webinars on topics "IELTS preparation" and "Successful State Exam preparation" for Russian school alumni. At these online sessions our teammates revealed the secret of being successful in the exams sharing their personal experience. So please ask your students to attend our webinars and invite more friends. Here is the screenshot which you can share with your students telling them where to find more info about webinars in their personal accounts. These webinars are free for students. Besides, for those who have never taken classes at our school there will be a free bonus lesson with you – the best teachers ever (these classes are free of charge for the students and paid by the school to you).

Our school has recently launched YouTube channel for our students and you, our dear teachers. Here you will be able to find different educational videos made by our team.  The channel currently contains only two grammar videos with a native speaker, but we are planning to film more episodes, so that in short terms you could see them. So, if you reckon your students lack some grammar or vocabulary, it will be nice to give them the link to the channel and review these videos during classes together to find out if the students have some questions.

Just to remind you that we would also appreciate your help regarding recommending your students to bring their friends to our school, the students will benefit from this and their friends also, as both of them (the student who brought his friend and the one who came) will receive extra class on their account. Please ask your current students to use the link in their personal account for inviting friends, here you can see the screenshot where the student can find this link, please share this screenshot with your students.

We would like to remind you that we are currently looking for new Russian teachers. In case you know such incredibly intelligent, outgoing and amiable people, who have ever considered being a teacher, please don't hesitate to give them our contacts (hr@englishdom.com or ask them to send the CV to your manager). If a person you have brought succeeds in being a teacher at our school, you will be pleasantly rewarded.

P.S. Remember, great things happen to great people!

Feel English and feel free

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