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Spring 2018 Champions

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Dear teachers,
We hope you are totally ready for the summer! But let's get back to the previous season for a minute!
You have done a great job, so get ready for the praise! Spring 2018 is rich in records at ED!
Let's greet our champions:
  • Alexander held 233 classes in March and 197 classes in April.
  • Olga K. had 203 lessons in March, as well as Tatiana N. had 181.
  • Inna Sh. conducted 173 lessons in April, and Alina B. currently has 189 held classes in May.
It's so great you keep everyone motivated and inspired by your own example!
We are grateful to all the teachers for being a part of the team and helping us to achieve our goals. Thank you for not stopping there, but stubbornly moving forward!
Surely new students are waiting for you this summer! Our marketing department will most definitely do everything possible for that. So, it is indeed necessary to gain strength and conquer new peaks starting from June 2018! We are always counting on you!
With best regards, EnglishDom family.

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