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Summer Meetings

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Greetings, dear teachers!
Summer’s in high gear! And once again we have already implemented several updates into our ED platform.
  • The Vocabulary section is completely changed: there are no lists of words now, but interactive two-sided cards.
  • A number of modifications to see in the courses’ content in the digital textbook. All dislikes were taken into account and the material was improved.
Thank you for evaluating the activities and encouraging your students. Your participation in the company's prosperity is highly valuable!
According to the Rewards Program for teachers, all the champions got their presents! We hope you are pleased & satisfied.
You make us happy with your results!
Summer Meetings, изображение 1
Inna Sh.
Summer Meetings, изображение 2
Tatiana N.
Summer Meetings, изображение 3
Olga K.
You are more than welcome to attend the teachers’ meetings with a native speaker all summer around. We are on the air every Thursday at 12 p.m. in Zoom.
Moreover, from July 10, meetings with the head of the Individual Education Department will be held. The achieved results will be discussed, as well as plans for the next academic year.
We look forward to seeing you there!
All the best, EnglishDom family

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