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Teacher Trainings

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Dear teachers,
We would like you to have more resources to make your teaching even better! As you know, there is very little time left before a new academic year. So, we suggest seizing the moment and checking something fresh! 
ELT Forum "Back to school"
Date: August 27, 11:00 – August 30, 13:00 (Moscow time).
What will happen:
  • the Macmillan Academy supplementary education program;
  • the experience of colleagues who work with corporate clients;
  • the USE;
  • how to be a successful freelancer;
  • the international baccalaureate;
  • the teaching of mathematics in English.
Each day will be devoted to one topic. All you need is to register and choose an interesting session.
Oxford Webinar "Enabling students to become autonomous learners of vocabulary"
Date: August 14.
Use thе time zone converter (on the website) to check the equivalent time in your country.
Stuart Webb, a Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Western Ontario, will explain why it is an important part of a teacher’s job to help students use strategies for effective learning of words.
Teaching English online
Join the course to learn about skills, knowledge, digital tools and resources to create and deliver most effective lessons. Gain insights from online teachers and trainers and share your ideas with other course participants. This course will surely widen your face-to-face teaching experience and help you adapt them to the online environment.
Be aware of the novelties in teaching English and stay tuned!
Best regards,
EnglishDom family

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