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To be the best we need to improve!

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Hello our dear and lovely teachers! How are you doing? How are students doing? January was rather difficult, a lot of students were on holidays and it was very hard to get them back to classes again. There is one little thing we would appreciate very much – it's your notification regarding your desire to go on holiday. As you know, in January we had official holidays only on the 31st of December, the 1st and the 7th of January (it was written in the previous news article, so you were aware about that), the office worked all of the other days, but some of you took vacation from the 1st till the 10th without any notification. We won't mind you going on holiday, but we should be aware about that, because as you know, it happens sometimes that some students start calling and asking where the teacher is, but we have no idea and it sounds like not that professional. So, whenever you would like to go on holiday or just take some days off, please necessarily inform us – your managers! We would appreciate this info beforehand, that is 3 weeks before the vacation.

New online schools appear, let's be competitive!

There is one substantial thing, which we faced in January and which is very important – that's about students' applications to school. Students are trying to enroll into two or three different schools at the same time and pick the best school for them. As the online market of English schools is developing very quickly now, we ought to realize that we should be competitive too, that means that when we provide (the school at its expense) the student with an extra bonus class and you see the mark in the profile that the students has an intention to have classes in different schools – that must be a sign to you, that your class should be best of the best (structured, with all grammar corrections and along with the class outline).

Some of you neglect already written info about the student (his desires, goals, studying programm) and start getting to know the same details during the first class, please do not do that, there are two managers who hold introductory classes and that is their job, they try to find out as much info as possible and recommend the studying programm in accordance with the students' needs. So, if there is written that you should use Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate, than please use it already from the first class as this program is already discussed with the student and we send the first letter to the student informing him/her where to download the book (the cds and the dictionary) and if he/she comes to the class with all the downloaded materials, but you start asking about his/ her goals and the wishes regarding the program again and do not use the book – it looks like not that professional. So, please follow the profile, the pieces of advice there and during the first class already stick to the book, but do not just talk the whole class – only talking is not the class – it's just talking, but the student should leave the class with the feeling he has learnt something.

In case you feel like there is something wrong in the profile or it is created not in a proper way and you lack some info in it (it can happen too), please let us know about that and we will talk to our managers who hold introductory classes and improve the profiles. It's very important nowadays to cooperate effectively together to be competitive, so please do not hesitate to inform us if we do something wrong in your opinion, if we need to change something in our working process to improve it, we would appreciate any feedback and in our turn we will sometimes also tell you what needs to be improved, so please do not be offended, but try to progress in teaching as well :)

How to prevent students' leave?

You will almost never receive the bad feedback from your students regarding classes, as students are very discreet when it comes to discussing the classes, so most of the students prefer to tell that they are busy at work or to disappear at all and not to answer your emails or not to come to the classes, in this case please let us know immediately that the student does not attend the classes and we will contact this student.

When we call students to ask the reasons why they are leaving or to find out the feedbacks about classes, they spill the beans about their real attitute to classes not that often. Of course if they are very happy about classes, they will tell us with pride about that, but if not that happy, a lot of them prefer to conceal this fact. But if we manage to find out the reasons why it happens, here are the main things what usually students say:

  • there were no revisions done during classes, no sum ups made, the teacher is not strict;
  • the teacher did not provide me with any tests or control assignemts (but as you remember we ask you to do that right after every module is finished; by the way, we have extra tests for Cutting Edge books, so if you need them, please let us know, we will be glad to send you them, for other books you will need to prepare some tests on your own);
  • the teacher is not that interested in my progress, we talk during classes, if I do not do the home work and come unprepared – he does not mind that, he does not let me know what I need to improve or what assets I have regarding the usage of the language, what level I used to have and what level I currently have...

So, please do not neglect these matters as they are very and very important for each of the students and if the students are silent about that and still continue to pay – it does not really mean that it will last forever...

The button "cancel the class"

As you might know, the button "Cancel the class" did not work that properly and some of your students might have complained about that, but we did our best to fix that and just wanted to inform you that now this button will be connected with the schedule of the students, and students will be able to cancel the class by the button only 12 or some more hours beforehand, but not less. The students will be able to do it only with the upcoming class, not the one which is supposed to happen next week or in a month.

So you can be sure that the button works properly and let the students know, that they can use "cancel the class" button easily on the site 12 or more hours beforehand (but only twice a month, not more)

We would appreciate if you look through your schedule and the dashboard and let us know if there are any discrepancies for the button to work properly.

Thank you very much for your attention, our dear teachers! I am very sorry that there are many things not that pleasant to read, these messages are not meant to be written to offend you, they are meant to be for professional growth for everyone of us.

Feel English and feel free

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