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Webinars for teachers

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Hello, dear teachers!
Here comes the first part of the set of webinars and resources we offer you to look into during the summer teachers' self-development period. We tried really hard to make a selection of the most relevant and interesting materials. Therefore, we welcome your feedback, so be sure to share your thoughts.
Well, it is more than appropriate to start our list with one of the trendsetters in the field of ELT - Cambridge Assessment. We recommend you to register and attend the upcoming webinars:
Tuesday 18 June 14:00-15:00 (UK time) and one more session on Wednesday 19 June
10:00-11:00 (UK time). Pay attention to the time zone!
What is this webinar about?
In this webinar, we focus on developing your professional practice as an English language teacher. We will explore how you can continue to develop as a teacher, from novice, just starting out in the classroom, to more experienced. We will look at three different ways of developing – by yourself, with your peers and finally further training courses.
Monday 29 July 2019 14:00 (UK time) or Tuesday 30 July 2019 10:00 (UK time). Again, please, pay attention to the time zone!
What is this webinar about?
The hosts introduce the principles of item writing used by Cambridge English in production of test material. They give examples of items with a clear test focus and also discuss ones which are problematic in some ways.
Moreover, it is worth getting acquainted with the recordings of already held webinars, which we find sufficiently informative.
The  primary example of generously provided recordings is British Council webinars for teachers.  Here you can find the videos of the webinars on innovative approaches to teaching English. To get a free access you need to register on the website and download Adobe Connect to watch the sessions. There are a couple of webinars we strongly recommend you to see:
In this webinar the hosts  highlight how The Get Set, Go! Phonics program has transformed the literacy experience of 3-to 6-year-old ESL kindergartners. The program has taken into account research findings on ESL children’s reading development, the need to teach vocabulary and phonics skills and the importance of scripted lesson plans. In terms of originality, the program is based on the development of phonological awareness in children and proceeds from syllable to sound knowledge. It also includes blending and segmentation tasks involving onsets and rhyme families. It is useful for those teachers who work with a series of The Get Set, Go! textbooks and with other materials as well.
Here you look at what is effective and why, with practical examples for both skills and language work, enabling teachers to confidently create their own media-based lesson plans, as well as evaluate what constitutes the most appropriate video content. Using the examples in The British Council’s The English Channel you explore the different ways video can best be used as a teaching resource.
A particularly useful resource for those teachers who prepare students for exams is Macmillan Education. There is a series of webinars Conversations on the USE, as well as a very recent webinar on the Cambridge Preliminary exam, an overview of the new exam format. The Preliminary exam is changing. From January 2020, there's a new format, with four papers rather than three. In this webinar, you'll look at what's staying the same, what's changing, and how that will affect our students' exam preparation.
That's it for now! We hope, that some of the above resources will catch your eye :)
Keep track of updates,
your friends at EnglishDom

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