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Exciting – возбуждающий, волнующий, захватывающий
Unusual – необыкновенный, необычный, странный
Experience – (жизненный) опыт
Danger – опасность, угроза, риск
Enterprise – предприимчивость, находчивость, смелость
Pursuit – преследование, гонение, погоня
Recreation – отдых, развлечение, приятное времяпровождение
Activity – деятельность, мероприятие, энергичность
Explorer – исследователь (страны, географического района)
Adventurer – авантюрист, искатель приключений

To venture – отважиться, решиться, осмелиться
To undertake – предпринимать, совершать
To lead – вести, сопровождать, быть проводником
To travel – путешествовать, странствовать
To explore – исследовать, рассматривать, изучать

To be fraught with danger – чреватый опасностью
To fly in the face of danger – лететь на встречу опасности
To burst with excitement – лопнуть от радости
To have a new lease of life – иметь новую страничку в жизни
To take a chance – иметь шанс (сделать что-то)

1. Unusual – not normal, common, or ordinary.
2. To undertake – to agree to be responsible for a job or a project and do it.
3. Pursuit – the process of trying to achieve something.
4. To explore – to travel to a place in order to learn about it or to search for something valuable such as oil.
5. Adventurer – someone who uses slightly dishonest methods to become rich or achieve high social status.
6. Her pendant cried danger and a cold chill rushed up her spine.
7. Doubtless he had not judged it proper to venture alone under the thick forest, through which the winding river made its way.
8. It was not an exciting life, but it was rather interesting. – Это была не то чтобы захватывающая, но довольно интересная жизнь.
9. They led her downstairs, with a trail of grunting porters hefting her trunks. – and incongruous metal suitcase — and then out through a pair of high double doors.
10. It was assumed that when he was not working, eating, or sleeping he would be taking part in some kind of communal recreation: to do anything that suggested a taste for solitude, even to go for a walk by yourself, was always slightly dangerous.


Hello, this is Cari with the online English school EnglishDom.com. Today I’m gonna chat with you about adventure. Adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. Sometimes, it involves the idea of danger but not always. So, have you ever taken an adventure somewhere? Or, what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done in your life?

When I think of adventure, I tend to think of an African safari or a trip to the jungle; or, maybe, backpacking through another country. But there’s also some more "mundane" adventures that we have in everyday life like, getting a new job or having a baby. Those things can be quite an adventure also.

Some phrases or idioms related to adventure are: To be fraught with danger: That’s when something is extremely dangerous (or we think it is). To fly in the face of danger means, "I’m going to do it anyway. Even if I think it may be dangerous." To burst with excitement is related to the idea of adventure. If I’m very excited about doing something and I feel like I’m gonna explode, I might "burst with excitement". To have a new lease on life is related to adventure. Sometimes, something happens to us and we feel like we get a chance to begin all over again. So, our second life or a new lease on life could be a new adventure for us. And, the last one is to take a chance. Obviously, if you’re going to be adventurous, you have to take a chance on something. You have to take a chance that it might work out, it might not work out, it might be expensive, it might not, it might be dangerous, it might not, But, whatever you’re idea of adventure is…take a chance at least once in your life!

Please join us in one of our Facebook forums (take a chance!) or, in one of our discussion clubsto share your ideas about adventure and some experiences that you’ve had. Feel English & Feel Free. Bye for now!




Life is either a great adventure or nothing.


Adventure is not an answer to life, adventure is just an option in life. But you will find answers when doing adventures, maybe not "the answers" that you are searching for, but things about yourself & the world that you never knew.
Howard Polley


Adventure is worthwhile in itself.


An Amish boy and his father were visiting a mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and back together again. The boy asked his father, "What is this, Father?" The father [never having seen an elevator] responded "Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life, I don't know what it is." 
While the boy and his father were watching wide-eyed, an old lady in a wheel chair rolled up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched small circles of lights with numbers above the walls light up. They continued to watch the circles light up in the reverse direction. 
The walls opened up again and a beautiful 24-year-old woman stepped out. The father said to his son, "Go get your mother."

List of questions for discussion

1. What springs to mind when you hear the word "adventure"?
2. In what way is learning English an adventure for you?
3. Who would you like to have a big adventure with?
4. Do you think your idea of adventure is the same as your parents’ ideas and your grandparents’ ideas?
5. Does there have to be an element of danger in an adventure?
6. Do you think animals like adventures?
7. What adventures would you like to go on in the future?
8. Do you ever have online adventures?
9. Do you like adventure movies?
10. What was your most unforgettable childhood adventure?
11. Is your country famous for adventurers?
12. Which of these things would you like on an adventure: danger, romance, speed, travel, discovery, prizes?
13. What are your favourite fantasy/adventure video games?
14. Where would you like to go for an adventure – a jungle, a desert, a small island or a city?
15. Are men or women more adventurous?

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