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Event – событие
Guest – гость
Frosting – сахарная глазурь
Present/gift – подарок
Sparkler – бенгальский огонь
Balloon – воздушный шар
Celebration – празднование, празднество
Greeting card – поздравительная открытка

To treat – угощать
To wish – желать
To entertain – развлекать
To blow out the candles – задуть свечи
To light the candles – зажечь свечи
To maintain the traditions – поддерживать традиции
To be in your birthday suit – быть голым, в чём мать родила
Over the hill – уже не тот, каким был раньше
To kick the bucket – протянуть ноги, умереть
To have something up your sleeve – иметь что-либо про запас, скрывать что-либо
Spills the beans – проболтаться, проговориться
Let the cat out of the bag – проболтаться

1. They were sunbathing in their birthday suits.
2. Some people seem over the hill at thirty.
3. I've let the cat out of the bag already, Mr. Corthell, and I might as well tell the whole thing now.
4. I wish you both a very good journey.
5. Our special guest on the programme is Robert de Niro.
6. People first flew in a balloon in 1783.
7. She lit a candle by matches.


Hello. My name is Cari and I am a teacher with the online English school, EnglishDom.com.
Today, I’m going to talk to you about birthdays.

I think birthdays are important because it’s a special celebration to say, "I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you’re alive. I’m glad you’re with us." In my family, birthdays are a multi-cultural experience. We all meet at my mom’s house for cake and ice cream on the actual birthday or on the Sunday closest to the birthday. Now that everyone’s older and working, it’s sometimes hard to meet during the week. If we meet early enough, we might actually have dinner before the cake and ice cream; but, not necessarily, that doesn’t always happen. After we have dinner, if we do have dinner, then we get out the cake, put the candles on, light the candles… We sing Happy Birthday. Then, we also sing Sto Lat which is a traditional Polish song that means may you live to be a hundred years. My grandfather was an immigrant from Poland so that’s one of the traditions that we maintain in my family; although, my father, my sister and I are basically the only ones who sing it. Now that I’m married to a Mexican, we also sing Las Mananitas on the birthdays. So we have three songs, Happy Birthday, Sto Lat and Las Mananitas.

After cake and ice cream, we open cards or maybe presents, if there are any. When there's children involved, of course there's presents, but with the older family members, not necessarily. It kind of depends; it gets hard to buy things for people in a large family. Mmm…birthdays in the United States are very important for children. Uh, it's very important to celebrate them at school. Normally, moms will make cupcakes or buy cupcakes to bring into the class. They get to be very messy so, teachers often try to have the parents send stickers or balloons or something else but the kids always want something to eat. The silly thing is all they do is lick the frosting off the cupcake and then the cupcake goes in the trash, or worse, on the floor. But, the kids enjoy something to eat and it's a special day for them, so we tend to let the have it.

Let's see what else can I tell you about birthdays? Sometimes, because there’s many immigrants in the U.S., you might have a family who has a different cultural tradition that they’ll celebrate with you at school. I’ve had families from Egypt and families from Mexico bring in special desserts  from their country to share with us on their child’s birthday and that’s always an interesting experience.

Let's take a look now at some idioms or phrases that you can use when you’re talking about birthdays. One is, to be in your birthday suit. Your birthday suit is what you were wearing the day you were born. Obviously, nothing! It means to be not wearing clothes or to be naked. There’s, obviously, many jokes surrounding this idiom and at the end of our conversation, I’ll give you one.

Another idiom that you can use is, over the hill. To be over the hill means to be too old to do a particular thing. Some people say you’re over the hill when you’re forty. Some people say you’re over the hill when you’re fifty, or sixty. Some people are so young at heart that they’re never over the hill.

Another expression you can use is, to kick the bucket. If you go too far over the hill, you might just kick the bucket. That, of course, means that you’ve died, you’ve passed on, you’ve moved on to the other world.

Another expression you might use related to birthdays is, to have something up your sleeve. That means to be hiding something or hiding a secret. Maybe you’re planning a surprise birthday party. That means you have something up your sleeve. What you hope does not happen is that someone lets the cat out of the bag or spills the beans. That means they let the secret out.

And, the last one is the best piece of advice I ever got on my birthday… "You better keep your belly buttoned or you’ll lose your birthday suit!"

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about birthdays. Join us to discuss this topic in our discussion club or in the forum on our Facebook page.

Feel English and feel free! Bye for now. 




You share your birthday with at least 9 other million people in the world.


The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.


Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. ( C.E.M. Joad)


The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.

List of questions for discussion

1. Do you like birthdays?
2. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
3. What did you do on your last birthday?
4. What’s the best and worst birthday you’ve ever had?
5. What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever been given?
6. What present would you like for your next birthday?
7. What are the milestone birthdays in your country?
8. In English people wish those whose birthday it is "many happy returns". What do you think this means?
9. Do you think old people like birthdays?
10. Do you think you were born at a good time of the year?
11. Would you like to live to celebrate your hundredth birthday?
12. Have you ever given any extraordinary gift? What it was like?
13. Have you ever had a surprise party?
14. Have you ever organized the surprise party for somebody?
15. How many greetings in English do you know?

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