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Dating – знакомство, поиск или выбор партнёра, ухаживание
Process – процесс, ход развития
Couple – пара (муж и жена, жених и невеста)
Hormones – гормоны
Courtship – ухаживание 
Suitability – пригодность, приемлемость, допустимость
Relationship – отношение, взаимоотношение
Compatible – совместимый, сочетаемый
Tension – напряжение, напряжённое состояние, напряжённость
Permanent – постоянный, неизменный, долговременный

To meet – встречаться, видеться
To assess – оценивать, давать оценку
To refer – иметь отношение, относиться, касаться
To explore – исследовать, рассматривать, изучать
To regard – расценивать, рассматривать, относиться
To reduce – ослаблять, понижать, сокращать
To involve – привлекать, вовлекать, втягивать
To evaluate – оценивать, давать оценку, составлять мнение

Heavy date – тяжелое свидание
Blind date – свидание в слепую

1. To meet – to come together in order to talk to someone who you have arranged to see.
2. Dating – the period of time when a man and a woman have a romantic relationship with each other, before they get married.
3. To evaluate – to think carefully about something before making a judgment about its value, importance, or quality.
4. Tension – the feeling of being so nervous or worried that you cannot relax.
5. To explore – to travel to a place in order to learn about it or to search for something valuable such as oil.
6. That we weren't really that close a couple and he could date them if they wanted.
7. Donors need to assess carefully their fair share of contributions to the global HIV response.
8. Vigorous scrutiny of candidates will help determine their suitability and the need for such training programmes may fall away.
9. If we regard each school of art as though it were a word based language, we are witnessing the successive replacement not of words, but of whole languages at once.
10. I sense another purpose at work here, one that is compatible with our own.


Hello! My name's Andrew and I'm a teacher with the EnglishDom and I'm here to do a podcast on dating. What is dating? Well, it's the process of when a girl or a boy meet each other or maybe different in this day and age, and the boy usually takes the girl to the cinema or maybe for a nice meal in a restaurant or if he hasn't got much money they might go for a walk or a quick trek into McDonald's. Probably, not the best idea to take a girl on the first date to McDonald's, unless she is that type of girl. But what would happen usually in dating is you would meet the girl and you would go on maybe one date, two dates, three dates, four, five maybe, and then you would probably be boyfriend and girlfriend. If I say I'm going on a date, it doesn't always mean I'm going to do something on a certain day, it means that I'm going with a girl on a date. We do have some idioms attached to dating. For instance, you can go on a blind date. A blind date means you don't know who you're going to see, so if your friend knows a girl let's say, and he says "I think you will like her", you can meet each other, but you've never seen each other. I wouldn't do this personally. I don't think it's a very good idea; and you meet each other and you go for a meal, but you've never seen each other, so that's why it's called a blind date. I can't really think of anything else apart from maybe a heavy date and this date would be when, you know, see these 14 or 15 year old children. Their hormones are everywhere, they've gone out with each other and they are kissing the face off each other. Well, that could be called quite a heavy date. The action is called "heavy petting", but that's all I can think of with regards to dating. I hope it's a little clearer what this means, I can see how you can get confused and that's all from me.

Thank you very much for listening. Feel English and feel free.

Bye bye!




At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.


Love is an endless act of forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.
Peter Ustinov


Love is not finding someone to live with; it's finding someone whom you can’t live without.


It was their first date, and she'd shown the patience of a saint as he babbled on and on about his hobbies, his pet peeves, his driving techniques, and even the standards he used to choose his barber.
Finally, he came up for air and said, "But enough about me. Let's talk about you."
She breathed a sigh of relief.
He went on, "What do you think about me?"

List of questions for discussion

1. Do you think dating today is any different to dating 50 year ago?
2. From what age is it OK to start dating?
3. Isn’t it better to go for an arranged marriage and do away with the hassles of dating?
4. Is it OK for older men/women to date very young partners?
5. What do you think parents worry about when their kids start dating?
6. Is it a better idea to date someone from your own race, religion, social status, etc?
7. What are the best ways of making sure a first date leads to a second date?
8. What should you never do on a first date?
9. Is dating someone after two years still as exciting as the first date?
10. Is dating a waste of time?
11. What is the most disastrous date you’ve been on?
12. If you could go on a date with anyone in the world, who would it be with and why?
13. Would you ever use a dating service (online or otherwise)?
14. Would you ever go on a blind date?
15. Who pays on a first date?

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