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Generation gap


Generation – поколение
Gap – разрыв (прям. и перен.), пролом, брешь
Advice – совет, рекомендация
Similar – подобный, похожий, сходный
Different – непохожий, другой, отличный
Change – перемена, изменение
Unprecedented – беспрецедентный, беспримерный
Inclination – наклон, наклонение
Society – общество, общественность
Isolate – изолированная среда 

To consider – рассматривать, обсуждать, взвешивать
To realize – осуществлять, выполнять (план, намерение)
To endure – вынести, вытерпеть, выдержать
To attempt – пытаться, стараться, стремиться
To force – оказывать давление, заставлять, принуждать
To contribute – делать пожертвования, взносы, способствовать
To divide – разделяться, разветвляться, идти в разные стороны
Bridging the gap – сближение разрыва
Widening the generation gap – расширение разрыва между поколениями
Bookend generations – oсновополагающие поколения

1. To consider – to think about something carefully before making a decision or developing an opinion.
2. Generation – a group of people in society who are born and live around the same time.
3. To attempt – to try to do something.
4. Society – people in general living together in organized communities, with laws and traditions controlling the way that they behave towards one another.
5. To divide – to separate people or things into smaller groups or parts.
6. In coming years the gap between emerging and developed countries in terms of trade power will narrow.
7. The method is realized in the following way.
8. "That’s a different matter," Edgar said peaceably.
9. He could not force her to do anything.
10. Our team helps technology sector companies effectively manage their operations during a time of unprecedented change in the sector and offers assistance with various aspects of business.

Generation gap

Hello. My name is Angelina. I’m a teacher with the online English school, EnglishDom.com. Today we’re going to talk about the generation gap.

A generation gap refers to the differences between people of a younger generation and an older generation, normally between children and parents. There are so many differences between generations like that but at the same time, they really are very similar. One difference is music — every young generation grew up listening to music that was considered "bad" by their parents. The only thing that changed from generation to generation was the type of "bad" music; otherwise, a kid listening to it and their parents hating it was normal. Another difference is clothes that younger kids wear because it does change from generation to generation. I remember when kids my age started wearing a new style of clothing and my mother said, "That’s not new, it’s recycled! I wore that when I was a teenager!" At the time, I was embarrassed but the older I got, the more I realized she was right! There is a definite cultural difference between generations and this often causes problems. It’s not until the young person grows older that they realize that their parents really did understand what they were going through — at least for the most part. Each generation, in general, endures the same problems, the differences really are slight. Maybe someday younger people will realize this and listen to what their elders have to say and to maybe take their advice.

Some idioms and expressions about the generation gap are "bridging the gap", "widening the generation gap" and "bookend generations". When people attempt to "bridge the gap" between generations they are attempting to bring those two generations together and show them that there are similar things between each one. In contrast, "widening the gap" is when an event or something someone says makes the gap even wider between the two and forces them farther apart. The "bookend generations" that refers to grandchildren and grandparents. Often there are programs that try to help bring those two generations together and to help them learn from each other.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the generation gap advice today. Please join us in our discussion group or on our forum on our Facebook page to talk more about this. Feel English and feel free! Bye for now!




The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap.


Whoever teaches his son teaches not alone his son but also his son's son, and so on to the end of generations.


If you want happiness for a lifetime – help the next generation.
Chinese Proverb


A couple decided to take their teenage daughter to a shopping mall in a nearby town one weekend. 
As they were getting ready to go, the girl came downstairs dressed in short shorts and a spaghetti string top.
An anticipated fight broke out between her and the husband over her inappropriate attire. 
In order to keep the peace, the mother stepped in and reminded her husband that when they were young she had dressed the same way, it was the style.
He said, Yeah! Well if you remember right I had something to say about that, too!
Yes dear, she said, you did...you asked me for my phone number!

List of questions for discussion

1. Do you ever disagree with your parents/grandparents about topics such as music, style and values?
2. How many years difference causes a generation gap?
3. Is it possible for parents and children to be friends?
4. What influences the styles, values and interests of a generation?
5. Are people from the "older" generation always more wise and correct in their ways of thinking and choices? Why or why not?
6. Do you ever disagree with your friends / parents / relatives / grandparents about topics such as music, style and values?
7. Is it possible for parents and children to be friends? Or for people of different generations to be friends?
8. What influences the styles, values and interests of a generation? How long is a generation?
9. What is an example of a time you and your friends / parents / relatives / grandparents had an argument or disagreement? Do you think it was related to generation gap?
10. Do you think generation gaps allow the older generations to have more "authority" in their relationships with younger people?
11. Do you think your generation's fight is similar to your parents generations fight?
12. Why do new generations frequently blame the last generation for many problems they are facing?
13. If you could give one important message to the next generation, what would it be?
14. Do you think you will experience a generation gap with your children? What are some differences in music, fashion, personality, mannerisms that are apparent when encountering a generation gap?
15. How does a generation gap affect interaction between two people? 

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