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Anecdote – анекдот
Comedian – комик
Terrible – страшный, кошмарный
Funny – смешной, забавный, потешный 
Irony – ирония
Sarcasm – сарказм
Word play – игра слов
Precision – точность
Synthesis – синтез
Wit – остроумие

To laugh – смеяться
To put down – усыпить (старое или больное животное)

This guy is a bit of joker. – Этот парень может рассмешить.
Are you joking with me? – Вы шутите?
Butt of a joke – объект шуток
Crack a joke – рассказать шутку
No joke – не до шуток
Take a joke – понимать шутку
To make a joke of smth – свести что-л. к шутке

1. Funny – someone or something that is funny makes you laugh.
2. Sarcasm – the activity of saying or writing the opposite of what you mean, or of speaking in a way intended to make someone else feel stupid or show them that you are angry.
3. Wit – the ability to use words in a clever way to make people laugh.
4. Comedian – someone whose job is to entertain people by telling jokes and stories to make them laugh.
5. To laugh – to make the noise with your voice that shows you think something is funny.
6. Poor Fred was the butt of every joke told that evening.
7. It's no joke when you miss the last train.
8. What’s the matter with you? Can’t you take a joke?
9. She's never serious. She's always cracking jokes.
10. The irony of it is that I have forgotten all papers at home.


Hello, my name's Andrew and I'm a teacher with the EnglishDom. I'm here to talk about another subject with regards to podcasts and this one is about jokes. What are jokes? Jokes are anecdotes. I'm sure you've heard the word anecdote before and basically these things make you laugh, people tell them in times of sadness. Stand up comedians get paid lots for telling jokes now. I have some really terrible, terrible jokes, but I think I will keep them to myself in fear of, maybe, being sacked by the company I work for. So, the first joke, let's go for it. A man walks into the vet's and he says "My dog's not very well, can you help me?" The vet says "Let me look, let me look, let me look at this dog. Yes, I think we have to put this dog down (put down means to kill). Well, it's bloody heavy, what have you been feeding it? Might be tricky to understand in Russian, but I've heard a few Russian jokes and I thought they were difficult to understand as well. I quite like that joke, maybe you don't. Next one. A middle aged man around 5 ft 8inch tall walks into a pharmacy and he asks very quietly over the counter: "Is there any chance that you sell Viagra?" The pharmacist looks at him and says: "Yes, absolutely, sir we do sell Viagra". "Do you think I could buy 5 or 6 and get it over the counter?". The pharmacist replies: "Well, if you eat them all at once, you've got a good chance of getting it over the counter, yes indeed sir".

Well, that's all. We will leave it there for the jokes. Maybe I'm going to get sacked after this, I don't know, we can only hope that I don't, but I quite liked that joke anyway.

The idioms that are attached to jokes are maybe, this guy is a bit of a joker, he might make you laugh, is that a joke being serious in a serious situation, you're being sarcastic and you're saying are you joking with me here or what, it means that what you're saying is ridiculous and that's really all I can think of. I'm sure there is absolutely hundreds of different idioms in different situations that I can think of, just type this into Google and you will find different idioms and lots and lots of jokes.

Thank you very much for watching this podcast. If the jokes didn't make any sense, don't worry everybody has a different taste.

Thank you very much for watching and from me, Andrew.





Jokes help children to know various things such as cause-effect relationships, new vocabulary, social ethics, and others.


Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.


The church is near, but the roads are icy.
The tavern is far, but I will walk carefully!
Ancient Romanian proverb...


Jimmy said to his father:
"Daddy how can I stop giving questions?"
and his father said:
"First:Don't think and Second...shut up!"

List of questions for discussion

1. What kinds of jokes are there in your language?
2. In English there are sick jokes, private jokes, cruel jokes and dirty jokes. What do you think these are?
3. What are jokes in your country usually about?
4. Can you take a joke when someone plays a joke on you?
5. Have you ever done anything that is beyond a joke?
6. Do you laugh at children’s jokes?
7. Do you laugh at your own jokes? Is it ok to do this?
8. In English, there are "mother-in-law" jokes and "blonde" jokes. Are there groups of people in your country that are commonly joked about?
9. Are there racist and sexist jokes in your country? What do you think of them?
10. This is an English joke: Q. What do you call a deer with no eyes? A. no idea. What do you think of this joke?
11. Do you understand jokes from other countries or jokes told in English?
12. What is the funniest joke you know?
13. Do you ever think your country’s leaders or sports teams are a joke?
14. Are there times when jokes are bad and should not be told?
15. This is an English joke: Q. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A. fsh. What do you think of this joke?

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