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Patience – терпение
Calmness – покой, тишина, спокойствие
Tolerance – терпимость, толерантность
Self-control – самообладание, владение собой 
Willingness – готовность

To snap – взрываться от ярости
To regain – восстанавливать
To ruin – разрушать
To calm down – успокаиваться
To regroup – собраться духом
To bother – надоедать, беспокоить
To maintain – сохранять, поддерживать
To take a deep breath – сделать глубокий вдох
To tolerate – выносить, терпеть
To evaluate – оценивать
To have the patience of a saint – иметь большое терпение
To lose patience with someone or to lose patience with something – потерять терпение
To try/test someone’s patience – испытывать чье-то терпение
To be out of patience – потерять всякое терпение из-за кого-либо
To ward off the disaster – предотвращать катастрофу

1. She expressed the willingness to work for us.
2. We could not ward off the spread of disease.
3. If you’ve lost your patience you should calm down and regroup.
4. In order to knit a sweater one should have the patience of a saint.
5. He tries my patience when he curses.
6. Maintain – retain; keep in existence.
7. To evaluate – to judge or assess the worth of.
8. Patience – tolerant and even-tempered perseverance.
9. Calmness – a state of calm or quietude.
10. Self-control – the ability to control over one's feelings, emotions, reactions, etc.


How patient are you? How patient am I? We all have our own level of patience; our own tolerance level. When you hear the word patience, what comes to mind? Do you think of people? Do you think of situations? Do you think of times when you’ve lost your patience? When, during the day, is your patience at its lowest, and why?

I’m going to give you some phrases or idioms that you can use when you’re talking about patience.

I’m going to give you some phrases or idioms that you can use when you’re talking about patience.

The first one is "to have the patience of a saint." "Oh, that woman! She has seven children and no husband and she must have the patience of a saint."

"To lose patience with someone; or to lose patience with something." It might be your boss, a brother, a friend or it could even be your computer! To lose patience and now… you can’t tolerate anymore!

"To try someone's patience"…this is when one person is trying to make another person upset or annoyed or bothered. If someone is testing your patience you could tell them, "Look, you’re really trying my patience. You need to back off!"

Another phrase is "to be out of patience". When you just can’t tolerate anymore, sometimes you snap! We might get angry or yell or something worse. That means you’ve lost your patience and it’s time to take a moment to calm down and regroup.

One saying that I came across recently, that I found very interesting, is a Chinese Proverb. It says, "One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life."

I think this is especially true with parents and children, teachers and children, even husbands and wives. I’ve even seen some of these events happen between really good friends. In moments of stress or anger, it’s very easy to lose our patience and say things we don’t mean. If we can manage to stay calm, take a deep breath… we can often regain our patience and "ward off a great disaster".

However, in those moments of impatience, we may just "ruin a whole life"; by getting angry and doing something or saying something that we really don’t mean. But once it happens, it’s very difficult to take it back and start over again.

What do you think? Is patience important? Is it something important in your life? Do you think it’s easy or difficult? How do you maintain your patience?

Please join us in one of our Discussion Clubs or in the forum on our Facebook page to share your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel English, feel free! Bye for now.




Our patience will achieve more than our force.


Patience when teased is often transformed into rage.


Patience wears away stones.


A mother and her 2 year old little girl enter a grocery store with a long list of groceries to buy. The two year old little girl starts screaming. The woman quietly whispers, "Stay calm, Charolette, stay calm."
The little girl begins to scream louder, now throwing herself into a terrible tantrum. The woman quietly whispers, "We are almost through in here, Charolette, calm down."
Another woman on the same aisle hears everything going on and says to the woman, "I admire your patience with your little one, how do you do it?"
The woman replies, "Patience!? I’m Charolette!"

List of questions for discussion

1. What comes to mind when you hear the word "patience"?
2. Is patience important?
3. What kinds of people do you have little or no patience with?
4. When during the day is your patience at its lowest and why?
5. Why do people say "patience is a virtue"?
6. Do you have a lot of patience?
7. When does your patience wear thin?
8. Have you ever run out of patience while shopping?
9. Do you have a lot of patience with children?
10. Is it possible to have infinite patience?
11. Do you think a teacher needs a lot of patience? How about our teacher?
12. Who or what in your life requires the most patience from you?
13. When was the last time you were rewarded for your patience?
14. Do you know anyone who would try the patience of a saint?
15. Of all the people you know, who lacks patience the most?

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