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Smoking – курение
Inhalation – вдыхание
Pipe – (курительная) трубка
Casual smoker – нерегулярный курильщик
Passive smoker – пассивный курильщик
Heavy smoker – постоянный курильщик
Nicotine – никотин
Absorption – всасывание, абсорбция, поглощение 
Ashtray – пепельница
Cigarette lighter – зажигалка

To inhale – вдыхать, втягивать (воздух, жидкость), затягиваться (при курении)
To induce – побуждать, склонять, убеждать
To puff – покуривать (сигарету), попыхивать (трубочкой)
To enjoy – любить (что-л.), получать удовольствие (от чего-л.)
To insist – настойчиво утверждать, настаивать на
To cough – кашлять
To cause – послужить причиной, поводом (для чего-л.)

Smoke, like a chimney – курить, как паровоз
A chain smoker – непрерывный курильщик
She was smoking. – Она курила.


Hello! My name's Andrew, I'm a teacher with the EnglishDom and I'm here to do a small podcast on smoking. I'm sure you all know what smoking is. Smoking is the inhalation of something that's burning like tobacco. You can have cigarettes, pipes, cigars. People can be casual smokers, maybe when they've had a drink, they only smoke then, not the best of ideas, probably make you vomit, but that's up to you and it's now obviously classed as a serious health risk, so that is smoking. Pound for pound nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and yet again I'm pretty sure you know that, but we do have some idioms attached to smoking. If somebody is quite a heavy smoker we say they smoke like a chimney and this means that on the top of your house, so your house is here and on top of the roof here we have something called chimney and basically what happens is you light the fire in your house and out of the top of your house escape the fumes. We can also say if somebody smokes a lot they are a chain smoker. A chain smoker means that they smoke one and they put it out and straight away they light another one, have it and put it out. This is called chain smoking because a chain is obviously non-stop, it's all linked together, so it's like they never stop smoking in the first place, apart from that we don't really have many other idioms. Maybe, maybe again we can say if a girl is, you know, good looking maybe, maybe as boys we could say, she was smoking but that's just, you know, personal preference. Some of my friends say it, but maybe not all of Great Britain say it, but we would understand. So, that's all from me on smoking. A very short podcast for you.

Thank you very much for listening. Feel English and feel free.





Cigarettes and coffee: an alcoholic's best friend!


"It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times."
Mark Twain


The more you smoke, the more you croak.


I had been a heavy smoker since I was a teenager, but to my surprise was able to quit "cold turkey." However, my weight shot up and I felt very self-conscious. When a friend congratulated me on giving up cigarettes, I exclaimed, "But look at all these added pounds!"
Her reply was one I'll always treasure. "Oh, my dear, don't worry about that!" she said. "Just think of all the extra years you will have in which to lose them."

List of questions for discussion

1. Do you think smoking is cool?
2. Why don’t governments ban smoking if it causes so many health problems?
3. Where are the no-smoking areas in your town?
4. What can we do to stop children smoking?
5. What does smoking do to your health?
6. Why do tobacco company ads always have healthy-looking young people smoking in beautiful places?
7. How would the world be different if smoking was suddenly banned?
8. What do you think when you see a pregnant woman smoking?
9. Someone once said: "I'd rather kiss a mad cow on the muzzle than a smoker on the mouth." What do you think about this?
10. Do you think smoking will ever disappear?
11. Do you get angry about passive smoking – breathing in second-hand smoke?
12. Do you think smokers should pay higher health costs?
13. Should Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. show smoking in movies?
14. Do you know any chain smokers? How could you get them to stop?
15. Which is worse for your health, smoking every day or drinking every day?

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