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Working by calling - our teacher Tressa

In rain or shine, snow or frigid temperatures, our heroine Tressa is eager to teach, she is a teacher by her calling, as her mother and grandfather were educators too. Being elegant, fashionable and smart at the same time, she manages to cope with work of a good mother, loyal wife and a professional teacher.

Teaching is in blood

Everyone of us plans his life, knows how he wants to spend it, what profession will help to be not only satisfied financially during lifetime, but also bring pleasure and happiness.
Tressa is a person who received two diplomas of a manager and a teacher and has worked in different places, but found teaching the most precious and interesting profession for her. Let's look closer at her working experience.

— Was the way to becoming a teacher rather long for you?

— No, I have always known that being a teacher is in my blood. So, I have graduated from University and started to teach right away. Though, my first working experience was not that connected with teaching, I worked as an ambassador, was kind of a mediator who established good relationship between youth in Canada and South Africa.

— Sounds interesting, but after a while, you started teacher’s career anyway, right?

— Yes, I had been teaching children of all ages for 6 years before I became a school principal. 

— Wow, cool! I guess, that this new leader’s position took not only a lot of efforts, but also a lot of additional knowledge how to organize people to work and students to study, wasn’t that difficult for you?

— No, it was not hard for me, as I gained my second education in the sphere of business management and marketing management. Besides, being on the position of a principal, I received great experience and got to know how to be a leader.

— It's not that easy to lead people. Was the work of a principal challenging for you?

— Yes, it was for a while, but after working for 5 years as a principal, I understood the system, how everything works and organized a school of my own where children were taught from grade 1 to grade 12. I had a staff of 28 people, but in a while there was a conflict with my partner who owned a school with me, and both of us decided to sell the school at the end, no matter how painful it was.

It is always very stressful to lose what we cherish, though, our active and positive heroine was full of enthusiasm to keep up working as a leader, so she started a couple of new small country schools, though, in a while these schools became children’s parents ownership.
Before working with us, Tressa had worked as a principal at football academy as well as a teacher and examinator there too.

— What subjects did you mainly teach?

— I taught biology, anatomy, English and business studies and also worked as an examinator.

Apart from teaching at school, our restless heroine also teaches his son Graham at home. So, teaching is not only a profession for Tressa, but also a hobby for her.
By the way, this is not the only hobby of our active heroine; let's get closer to her interests.

Our risky, but gentle teacher

It was very surprising for me to hear that such a tender and delicate woman mastered rather masculine kind of sport, in particular riding:

"I used to have 5 horses and practiced dressage, long distance riding and was a show jumper."
Her sons have inherited her love to sport: her youngest son Graham likes surfing and her oldest one Paul likes golf.

Almost everyone of the ladies who has the private house, cannot help loving gardening, Tressa is not the exception. She spends a lot of time in garden making it blossom with flowers.
Except making her yard beautiful, our heroine likes reading very much.

— Tressa, would you please share what you like reading most of all?

— Well, I like books about business management and personal development very much. I believe that if you do not grow as personality, as well as do not have any idea about management, you won’t be able to succeed in life.

— What book would you recommend to read to develop our personalities?

— I like the book called «Courage to shake hands with tomorrow» written by Kobus Neethling. It’s easy to read and very applicable in life.

Amy Tan "The joy luck club"

The mission

riding horses

roast beef


Tressa was very glad to share some ideas how to make students happy about the classes and have good progress:

Tips for the teachers:

Each of us needs support, so, when students face crises in their lives, do not stand aside, help them at least by your warm words of support or by a piece of advice.

Keep a balance between listening and speaking.

Tips for students:

Do not try to overcorrect yourself, as sometimes you forget about speaking at all while thinking of mistakes all the time.

Writing is the end product of speaking, listening and reading, so do not forget that it’s important. Write at least a short paragraph from lesson to lesson and you will remember a lot of new words and grammar constructions. As once you put something on the paper, after having studied it beforehand, you will never forget it.

Here is a short video interview with Tressa. Enjoy it!

So, it was really interesting for me to get to know such a wonderful person as Tressa. If you want to see what it means to be a great teacher as well as a good personality, take some Tressa's classes and you will definitely inherit some positiveness, kindness and receive great knowledge of English.

Feel English and Feel free

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