10 Places Google Earth Is Hiding

16 декабря 2015

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10 Places Google Earth Is Hiding

0:06Number 10 – The Shamsi Airfield in Pakistan. In 2009, images published on Google Earth in 2006 showing controversial unmanned drones on the Pakistan air field came to prominence. Owned by the United States, the Predator drones were able to travel across the globe, allowing America to observe and attack their enemies. Following the reveal, Google whited out the runway, hiding the airfield's activity from the world. Pakistan has since ordered American troops to vacate the site, mainly in response to NATO airstrikes which killed 25 Pakistani soldiers.
0:43Number 9 – Severnaya Zemlya in the Russian Arctic Ocean. Scan the Russian Arctic Ocean on Google Maps, and you'll eventually find the uninhabited archipelago, Severnaya Zemlya. Or rather you'll see its 36,200 square kilometres blocked out by a crudely drawn white mass, partly covered by a large grey bar. Google aren't the first people in history to leave the islands off the map. As despite being clearly visible from the European mainland, it's presence wasn't formally recorded until the early 20th century.
1:17Number 8 – Military Sites across Taiwan. Concerned with national security, Taiwanese authorities have asked Google to censor numerous military sites across the country, including National Security Bureau Headquarters and Command Headquarters. Clearly tampered with, Google have pixelated some sites, and pasted over others with outdated images.
1:41Number 7 – US / Mexico Border in Hudspeth County. For those wanting to plot their trip between Texas and Mexico, a visit to Google Earth won't bring them many answers, as the company have heavily distorted the area around Hudspeth County. Looking like some incredibly poor photoshopping, Google twisted the landscape until a section of the Rio Grande was transformed into a surreal blur of waved lines. The blurring hides an area renowned for its violent drug trade, which sees thousands of pounds worth of narcotics pass through the border each year.

Come to prominence

Фраза «come to prominence» переводится на русский язык как «получить известность». Синонимами ее можно считать «become public» или «make oneself a name».

  • The new invention came to prominence last week. — Новое изобретение получило известность на прошлой неделе.

Owned by

Данное словосочетание можно перевести как «находящийся в чьей-либо собственности». Часто оно может идти в начале предложения.

  • Owned by the husband the flat couldn't be sold by the wife. — Находящаяся во владении мужа, квартира не могла быть продана женой.

In response to

«In response to», равно как и «in reaction to», означает «в ответ на».

  • The strike began in response to the new manager's decision. — Забастовка началась в ответ на решение нового директора.

Despite being clearly visible

«Despite» переводится как «несмотря на». Синонимом его выступает «in spite of». После них употребляется или существительное, или герундий.

  • Despite being ill, he decided to go to the office. — Несмотря на то, что он был болен, он решил пойти в офис.

Concerned with national security

В данной фразе «concerned with» переводится как «занятый».

  • That was an internetional organization concerned with war issues. — Это была международная организация, занятая вопросами войны.

Travel across

Словосочетание «travel across» переводится как «путешествовать через какую-либо территорию».

  • If you want to get to that city, you should travel across the forest. — Если вы хотите добраться до того города, вам следует путешествовать через лес.

Past over

«Past over» можно перевести как «преодолевать со временем».

  • You should pass over these difficulties. — Ты должен преодолеть со временем эти трудности.

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