Christina Aguilera – Interview

28 апреля 2015

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Christina Aguilera – Interview

00:06–  Our next guest is a multiple Grammy award-winging singer/songwriter who has sold over 30 million albums. That's crazy. Here's one that she hasn't sold. This is the only one she hasn't sold. The only one she hasn't sold. This is a new one. It's called "Bionic". Please welcome back to the program Christina Aguilera, ladies and gentlemen.
00:43–  You look lovely.
–  Thank you.
–  Wow. There's a – there's a lot to look at here, my friend.
–  There's a lot.
–  You've got a lot going on there.
–  Well, I'm performing later. You know, I have to play entertainer.
00:56– And a new mother. Congratulations.
–  Yes. Thank you.
–  How old is your son?
– Not so new. He's two years old. Kind of new.
–  Really gets good, doesn't it?
–  He keeps me on my toes.
01:09–  What kind of kid do you have there?
–  What kind of kid? He's a wild man. He's into robots and dinosaurs and going crazy, and he's – he's – he's a lot.
–  Did he crawl before...
–  But he's fun.
01:24– He learned to crawl? My son didn't crawl. He just went on to walking. Was your son an aggressive crawler?
–  He was a crawler. He was a crawler at first.
– You can kind of see which way it's going when it starts to crawl, can't you?
–  Yes. He'll do the craziest things. He'll just be standing there and he'll just throw himself backwards. And they – they – they. They kind of – I don't know, he's so resilient. He'll just, kind of bounce off the ground and it's like oh, okay. I wasn't – they don't tell you about that in the mommy books. But you know...
01:53– And now that he's up and running round. Is he musical? That's a good idea. Is the kid musical?
– Yes, he's starting to sing already. He – he can hold a tune, but he – he's just a wild man. He just keeps me on my toes. But he inspired me to be very playful on this record actually. The new album "Bionic" I'm really excited about. He definitely inspired me to play a lot more, get into a little bit of electronic music which is more about freedom and, I think, the future, so...
– That's quite a lot of inspiration from a two-year-old, isn't it?
02:28– Well, you know, you go through the experience as a mom, your belly, your whole body changes. But I feel better and, actually, sexier and more confident then prior to having my child.
– Me, too.
– You too, okay.
02:47–  You are doing business with the World Food Program. The picture was taken in May of this year in Haiti. Tell us what we're looking at there?
– I took a trip to Haiti recently. That's me sort of teaching the kids itsy-bitsy spider. I get to sit there. When you donate for the W.F.P., you're paying for a child's education here as well, it gives them incentive to go to school, to have a free meal so you're getting two-in-one. You can go to to help contribute and help the cars.
–  It's a great thing, the formula that they figured out, they can distribute the food to the schools and, like you said, you get the good nutrition and also education.
03:28– And what were conditions like there in Haiti?
–  It's pretty devastating. It's going to take decades to rebuild. But, you know, they've already – the WFP has already helped feed four million people and they are great at helping – especially at the root of the problem with the mothers and children helping provide the mothers with food if they're pregnant and giving them the nutritional values they need to help raise their children. A lot of them are deserted, so it really is just the moms and children. So they really help provide jobs as well. I mean, the WFP is really, really great. It's a great cause to help out.
– Thank you for being part of that.


«Crawler» переводится как «тот, кто ползает». Суффикс «-er» часто используется в английском языке для формирования существительных от глаголов или существительных, которые обозначают лицо, называемое по роду занятий, профессии, привычкам, привычным занятиям или месту проживания: plumber — водопроводчик, cottager — живущий в коттедже.

  •  He is a great rider as he's been training for many years now. — Он — прекрасный наездник, так как тренируется уже много лет.


Prior to

«Prior to» переводится на русский язык как «до того, как», «прежде чем», и его синонимом в английском языке является слово «before». Обратите внимание, что глаголы после конструкции «prior to» обязательно имеют окончание «-ing». Другими словами, после этого выражения всегда используется герундий.

  •  I learned how to write and read prior to going to school. — Я научился писать и читать до того, как пошел в школу.


Bounce off

«To bounce off» является фразовым глаголом, который на русский язык переводится как «отскакивать от». Важно не путать предлоги «off» и «of». Первый указывает на удаление или отделение от чего-л. или отклонение от нормы, тогда как второй показывает отношение принадлежности, авторство или владение чем-либо.

  •  How can the owner of this beautiful car be so ugly? — Как владелец такой прекрасной машины может быть таким несимпатичным?



«Better» является сравнительной степенью от прилагательного «good», которое на русский язык переводится как «хороший». Заметьте, что таких необычных прилагательных в английском языке несколько: good — better — the best, bad — worse — the worst, little — less — the least и т. д.

  •  Finding the pills from the cough is the least of my problems now. — Найти таблетки от кашля — это сейчас наименьшая из моих проблем.


Kind of

«Kind of» переводится на русский язык как «вроде», «отчасти», «как будто», а также «слегка», «в некотором роде». В разговорной речи часто это выражение преображается в одно слово «kinda». Синонимом этой конструкции может быть выражение «sort of».

  •  The show is getting sort of interesting. — Шоу становится, вроде, интересным.

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