My way home (Scrubs)

20 июля

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My way home (Scrubs)

0:09Living with Ellie it was certainly different. Every inch of her apartment was filled with girly stuff. There were lavender scented candles, curling utensils, pink robes, bath salts. It was awesome. My first day off in weeks. Only one thing could make it better: cranking up the Toto. Mango body butter?
Dammit. Always when I'm eating.
1:03Even throug it sucks being paged by an intern, there is nothing I like more than riding my scooter Sasha through puddles after a rain. And here comes the big one! Where was I?
1:32-You're not aware of any certain odd underground canal system beneath the hospital, are you? I think I saw manatee.
- Was his name Julien?
- I don't know, we didn't exchange pleasantries
- That's Julien. Watch it. Wet paint. Be careful. Celso has started new line system to help people get around. Green's gonna go to the smoker's launch, blue to the ICU, yellow to all the exits.
- What's red for?
- Sneaker painting.
- Not gonna happen, pal. For that one to work, you need to spray first, and then say "sneaker painting". Have a good one.
- Hey, smart guy. Whatever you do, don't follow a purple line.
- Huh, I've never noticed that door before. Probably just a trick. But what if it isn't? What if it actually leads to some place? Some place grand, like Narnia.
- Sneaker painting.
3:06- Am I right?
- So, you think it's perfectly OK to have sex with your first cousin?
- Family reunion next month. I'm going for "on the goats".
- I didn't know what I was figh-fiving.
- Dude, always know what you're high-fiving, always know!
3:26-OK, I'm here, what's the emergency, Keith?
- Do you want mister Fleming an unfractionated or low molecular weight heparine?
- This is the exact same thing. Every doctor here knows that, why would you page me?
- Because I told him to, and I know what you're thinking, Dorothy, "Why would I have your intern call you in an one of you precious days off for something so gosh-darn trivial?" But the real question ought to be: "why when you were an intern did you call me in time after time after time after time because your patient's stich popped out or you couldn't remember where the cupboards were, or, and this was the kicker – you wanted to go pant shopping and needed somebody who would be totally honest". So, now, to commemorate the first of many unnecessary disruptions of your life, I've invited Lavern church quire here to summarize my feelings in exuberate song.
- Payback is the beach.
- I'm feeling it, are you feeling it?
- I'm feeling it.
- I've got it in my leg, it's in my leg, I can't even stop it.


«Outta» является сокращенной формой от «out of», которая используется в разговорном английском языке.

  • I’d better get outta here! — Мне лучше уйти отсюда!


Разговорное слово «Dammit» переводится как «Проклятие».

  • Dammit! I can't find my keys. — Проклятие! Я не могу найти мои ключи!

I can see his heart beating

Данное предложение можно перевести как «Я вижу его сердце бьется». В нем присутствует причастие настоящего времени «beating, которое ввыполняет функцию определения.

  • I can see him walking. — Я вижу его гуляющим.

Cushing's syndrome

«Cushing's syndrome» — в переводе это «синдром Иценко-Кушинга». 

  • His father has Cushing’s syndrome. He should be treated. — Его отец болен на синдром Иценко-Кушинга. Его следует лечить.


None of you

«None of» переводится как никто из и относится к людям или предметам, количество которых превышает цифру два.

  • None of you can enter into the forest. — Никто из вас не может войти в лес.


To pull the plug

«Pull the plug» переводится как «прекратить поддержку. Также стоит помнить и другой вариант перевода — «перекрыть кислород», как в прямом, так и в переносном смысле.

  • Creditors pulled the plug last week. — Кредиторы прекратили поддержку на прошлой неделе.

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