Telling time for children

28 декабря 2015

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Telling time for children

0:12Wow, wow. I'm so sorry, that you guys cought me sleeping. I know that I shouldn't be sleeping in the middle of the day. I got this awesome new clock, but I don't know how to tell time yet. So, I do not know when to go to sleep. Hey, I've got an idea. Maybe you, guys, can help me? Will you help me learn how to tell time, so I know when to go to bed? Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. Let's zoom over here to the clock so learn how to tell time.
0:46This first clock we see is an analog clock. This is the new clock I got. To learn time let's start off with an easier version of this clock. Okay, the little pointer that spins is called a hand. This clock is a training clock and only has one small hand on it. The small hand is called the hour hand. Around the edge of the clock we have numbers that go from one all the way to twelve. This small hand tells us what the hour is. Right now the hour hand is pointing to the three. So, it must be three o'clock. Now what hour is it? Six o'clock, right. Let's look at another. What hours is this? I heard some of you say it is still six o'clock and you're correct. That hour does not change until it is pointing right at the next number. As long as the hand points between the six and the seven it is still six o'clock. Let's try one more. Right now the hour hand is between the eleven and the twelve. So is this eleven o'clock or twelve o'clock? It is still eleven o'clock. It will not be twelve o'clock until the hour hand points right at the twelve. Good job, guys.
2:09Now this training clock works great to tell us what hour it is. But what if you have to be home by a certain time in the middle of the hour? It would be difficult to know exactly when to leave with just using the hour hand. That is why we have what we call the minute hand. Let's bring in one of our big kid clocks. This clock has a big hand and a small hand. We already know the small hand tells us the hour, but do you know what this hand does? This long hand is the minute hand. The minute hand tells us how much time has passed after the hour.
When telling time we always look at the hour hand first. On this clock the hour hand is pointing to the twelve and the minute hand is pointing to the one. So, would we say the time is twelve and one minute? I know you might be tempted to say yes, but that is not correct. Each one of these increments are counted by five's. There are five minutes between each of these big numbers. So when the minute hand is that the one five minutes have passed. So, this is five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, twenty-five minutes, thirty minutes, thirty-five minutes, forty minutes, forty-five minutes, fifty minutes, fifty-five minutes and at the twelve the minute stock back over zero. So, right now the time is twenty oh five. The hour hand is at the twelve and the minute hand is pointing at the one which is five minutes.

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Порядковое числительное «first» переводится как «первый». 

  • He was first in the class. — Он был первым в классе.


Let's start

 Словосочетание «Let's start» переводится как «Давайте начнем» и содержит повелительное наклонение, выраженное начальной формой глагола «let» к которому присоединяется «'s», что является сокращенной формой от «let us» — «давайте».

  • Let's go there. — Пойдемте туда.

Hour hand

«Hour hand» обозначает часовую стрелку. Минутную стрелку называют «minute hand».

  • What does the hour hand point? — На что указывает часовая стрелка?

Around the edge

Словосочетание «around the edge» переводится как «по краю».

  • There are twelve numbers around the edge of the clock. — По краю часов — двенадцать цифр.

It must be

С помощью «it must be» можно выразить уверенность в чем-либо.

  • It must be him who is a painter. — Это, должно быть, он — художник.

What hour is it?

Когда мы спрашиваем кого-либо о времени, то помимо известной фразы «What time is it?», мы можем использовать «What hour is it?»

  • What hour is it? — It is two hours. — Который сейчас час? — Два часа.

You are correct!

Если необходимо выразить согласие с собеседником, то можно сказать «You are correct!», что в переводе означает «Вы правы»

  • You are correct! The right answer is B. — Вы правы! Правильный ответ — B.


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