The Introvert Myth

7 марта

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The Introvert Myth

0:01Uh excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Wedmore? Well, the results are in. He's slow, he's quite, he's socially awkward. I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Wedmore there's something introvert.
0:16This is sound like you? Would you rather stub yourself for the rest and go out to a loud and crowded bar? Keep spend your nights staying home alone to recharge and read a book? Well it might just be that you've been played with the curse of introvert in yourself. But right now my friends we do have a solution and it's coming soon. Stay tune.
0:46The dictionary defines an introvert as a shy, reticence and typically self-centered person. This is a load of crap. You and I both know that there are a ton of people who've labeled themself as an introvert, who are not shy and they're not self-centered. And we also know plenty of people who label themselves at extroverts, who are shy and maybe a little self-centered. And then there always people in the middle, who just can't seem to decide and they like to say I'm both, I'm ambivert. Because sometimes that's me and sometimes that's not me.
1:18Yeah that's me so what are you? Are you an introvert? Or you an extrovet? Well, the truth is you're actually neither, because there is no such thing as an introvert. What? Or an extrovert. What? What? The whole terminology of introvert or extrovert actually comes from Carl Jung, who develop these words in order to describe the attitude types of different people. Not to label a specific person as introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.
1:53The word ambivert is actually the closest word we can use to describe all of us. Jung even stated that everyone has both an introverted and an extroverted side. It's just simply one is more dominant in all of us. Now if you're still with me, its probably cause your introverted, I'm gonna take you a little bit deeper down radical and I promise you're gonna work a ton about yourself and why you take.

There are

Обороты «there is», «there are» используются в тех случаях, когда нужно показать, что что-либо где-либо находится. Данные обороты ставятся в начале предложения.

  • There’s a hole in my pocket. — В моем кармане — дырка.


Наречие «neither» переводится на русский язык в значении «ни тот, ни другой». Стоит обратить внимание, что после «neither» ставится глагол без отрицания.

  • Neither of sentences was correct. — Ни то, ни другое предложение не было верным.

In order to

Устойчивое выражение «in order to» употребляется в значении «для того, чтобы», «с целью», «ради».

  • The motion was advanced in order to embarrass the progress of the bill. — Предложение было выдвинуто с целью затруднить принятие законопроекта.

 The closest word

В данном выражении прилагательное «close» стоит в превосходной степени сравнения, которая образуется при помощи прибавления суффикса «-est» к прилагательному в положительной степени.

  • That is the highest building in the city. — Это — самое высокое здание в городе.


I'm gonna

 Сленговый оборот «to be gonna» является сокращенной формой от оборота «to be going to», который употребляется для выражения «совершить какое-либо действие в будущем».

  • I’m gonna go shopping. — Я собираюсь пойти за покупками.


A little bit

Устойчивое выражение «a little bit» переводится на русский язык в значении «немного».

  • Let's talk about this in a little bit. — Давайте немного поговорим об этом.

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