Travel Without Leaving Home

29 июня

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Travel Without Leaving Home

0:01In the future you can travel half way across the world without leaving your house. Long-distance travel is uncomfortable, it's stressful, it's mega-expensive, it's a fuel sink with an ugly carbon footprint, plus you never seem to get where you want to go as fast as you would like. I mean visiting something like the Galapagos Islands or the Giza Necropolis can be one of the most important and life-changing experiences you can have. But getting there is about as much fun as undergoing a dental procedure in the 1400s by a barber! So, until someone invents teleportation are we pretty much stuck?
0:43Well lets look at air travel. Aerospace engineers are looking at lots of weird ways to improve fuel efficiency in air travel over the next few decades. So you may soon find yourself in a boxed-wing, blended-wing, or even a stealth inspired B2-style flying-wing aircraft. All of these are designed to beef up the average plane's lift-to-drag coefficient, and improve fuel economy. And some companies are, get this, designing hybrid aircraft. That's right, they're actually looking at combustion turbines combined with electric motors.
1:16Meanwhile, on the ground, we have speed to worry about. Now we've already got trains that levitate above their tracks using magnetic levitation that can attain speeds of over 300 miles per hour. But future ground travelers might actually get to travel in something that SpaceX founder Elon Musk calls the "Hyperloop" which is a speculative system that Musk himself describes as a cross between a Concorde Jet, a rail gun, and an air hockey table. Charming. No, it's actually really cool. Imagine a tube that stretches across the country. Inside this tube you have an area of low air pressure cutting down on air resistance and a linear array of motors shoots passenger capsules through this tube on air bearings. Think of skis made out of pressurized gas, and if we line this entire tube on the top with solar panels, you might actually be able to generate more energy than you needed to operate it. You've got an energy surplus. So, how fast could you go inside the Hyperloop? Well, if the Hyperloop lives up to the hype, it'll travel at over 760 miles per hour, which is faster than the cruising speed of most commercial aircraft.

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Aerospace engineers are looking at

«Aerospace engineers are looking at» переводится как «Авиакосмические инженеры внимательно изучают». «Look at» переводиться как «внимательно изучать». Также здесь использован «Present Continuous», который обозначает действие, происходящее в данный момент.

  • Our scientists are looking at new technology now. —  Наши ученые внимательно изучают новые технологии сейчас.

Flying-wing aircraft

Так называют летающие аппараты схемы «летающее крыло». 

  • Flying-wing aircraft will be very popular in a few decades. — Летающие аппараты схемы Летающее крыло будут популярны через несколько десятилетий. 


«Lift-to-drag» можно перевести на русский язык как «аэродинамический».

  • What do you know about lift-to-drag ratio? — Что ты знаешь об аэродинамическом качестве?

Get this

Разговорное выражение «get this» переводится как «только послушайте».

  • Get this, there are over than a million of people that suffer from the cancer. — Вы только послушайте, больше, чем миллион человек страдают от рака.

Combined with 

«Combined with» переводится как «в сочетании с».

  • They're actually looking at combustion turbines combined with electric motors. — Они фактически внимательно изучают газовые турбины в сочетании с электрическими моторами.


Наречие «meanwhile» переводится как «тем временем». Оно часто используется для связывания предложений между собой.

  • Meanwhile, we should worry about our health. — Тем временем, нам следует беспокоится о нашем здоровье.

Made out of

«Made out of» означает сделан «из».

  • That jacket was made out of the fur. — Та куртка была сделана из шерсти.

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