Weight shifting mobile

24 февраля 2015

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Weight shifting mobile

0:16I am a PhD student and that means I have a question. And this question I would like to share with you. How can we make digital content graspable for us, for humans? Because you see, on the one hand there is the digital world and no question many things are happening there right now. And for us humans it's not quite material, it's not really there, it's virtual.
00:41On the other hand, we humans, we live in a physical world. It's rich, it tastes good, it feels good, it smells good. So the question is how do we get the stuff over from the digital into the physical? That's my question. If you look at the iPhone with its touch and the Wii with its bodily activity you can see the tendency, it's getting physical. The question is: What's next? Now I have 3 options that I would like to show you. The first one is mass. As humans we are sensitive to where an object in our hand is heavy. So could we use that in mobile phones?
01:16Let me show you the weight shifting mobile. It is a mobile phone shaped box that has an iron weight inside which we can move around and you can feel where it's heavy. So what we can do with it iswe shift the gravitational center of it. For example we can augment digital content with physical mass. So you move around the content on the display. But you can also feel where it is just from the weight of the device. Now that's one thing we can do with it.
01:46Another thing it's good for is navigation. It can guide you around in a city. It can tell you by its weight, okay move right. Walk ahead. Make a left here. And the good thing about
that is you don't have to look at the device all the time you have your eyes free to see the city. So that's nice. Now mass is the first thing. The second thing, that's shape. We're also sensitive to the shape of objects we have in our hands.
02:16So if I download an eBook and it has 20 pages, well that could be thin, right? But if it has 500 pages, I want to feel that Harry Potter is thick. (Laughter) So let me show you the shape changing mobile. Again it's a mobile phone shaped box. And this one can change its shape. By the way I have them here. We can play with it later. Let's see we can play with the shape itself. For example it can be thin in your pocket, which we of course want it to be. But then if you hold it in your hand it can lean towards you be thick it's like tapered to the down side. You change the grasp, it can adjust to that. It's also useful if you want to put it down on your nightstand to watch a movie. Let's see how it looks. Use as an alarm clock. It stands, it's fairly simple.
03:05Another thing is sometimes we watch things on a mobile phone they are bigger than the phone itself. So in that case, like here this map, it's bigger than the phone's screen. The shape of the phone could tell you, okay off the screen right here there is more content you can't see it but it's there. And you can feel that because it's thicker at that edge. So shape is the second thing. The third thing operates on a different level. As humans we are social, we are empathic and that's great. Wouldn't that be a way to make mobile phones more intuitive? Think of a hamster in the pocket. I can feel it's doing alright. I don't have to check it.
03:44Let me show you the living mobile phone. Okay so once again mobile phone shaped box. But this one has a breath and a heartbeat. And it feels very organic. (Laughter) And you can tell it's relaxed right now. Oh now missed call? A new call? New girlfriend maybe? Very exciting. (Laughter) How do we calm it down? You give it a pat behind the ears and everything is alright again. So that's very intuitive and that's what we want. So what we have seen are 3 ways to make the digital graspable for us. And I think making it physical is a good way to do that. What's behind that is a postulation namely that not humans should get much more technical in the future rather than that, technology a bit more human. (Applause)

On the other hand

Выражение «on the other hand» переводится как «с другой стороны», «зато», «что же касается», «в случае же с».

  • On the other hand, we have no evidence that you've done anything illegal. — С другой стороны, у нас нет никаких сведений, что вы совершили что-то незаконное.


get the stuff over

В повседневной речи фразовый глагол «to get over» обычно означает «пережить» неприятности, «поправиться» после болезни. В текстах же с техническим содержанием «get over» будет переводиться как «переходить».

  • I’ll get over this. — Я это переживу.


it is getting

Выражение «it is getting» в общем случае означает «становится», «наступает». Интересно, что фразу «it is getting dark» в русском языке можно заменить вообще одним словом: «темнеет». Есть и другие полезные примеры.

  • It is getting more and more difficult to live. — Выжить становится все труднее и труднее.


mobile phone shaped box

Данное выражение переводится как «корпус в виде мобильноо телефона». Глагол «shape» означает «придавать форму», а причастие прошедшего времени от данного глагола (shaped) будет переводиться как «имеющий определенную форму», например, «egg-shaped» (яйцевидный), «ball shaped» (шарообразный) и т.д.

  • The building was shaped like a giant pyramid. — Здание было выстроено в форме гигантской пирамиды.



Слово «inside» переводится как «внутри», «в помещении», «в доме». Антоним этого слова — outside — переводится соответственно «снаружи», «извне», «на открытом воздухе», «на улице».

  • The children usually play inside on rainy days. — Когда идёт дождь, дети обычно играют в помещении.


move around

Фразовый глагол «to move around» означает «перемещаться», «передвигаться», «вертеться», «переносить», «переезжать с места на место», «ерзать».

  • The moon continues to move around the earth. — Луна продолжает двигаться вокруг Земли.


Make a left

Выражение «to make a left» можно перевести как «свернуть налево». Для «to make a left» можно подобрать ряд синонимичных выражений: «to turn left», «to strike to the left», «to turn to the left» и «to hang a left» (в американском английском).

  • We made a left onto the Rue Marbeuf and came out on the Avenue George V. — Мы свернули налево на рю Марбеф и вышли на авеню Георга V.


have to

«Have to» — это модальный глагол, который переводится как «быть вынужденным», «быть должным». «Have to» носит оттенок долженствования, но в отличие от «must», он не «приказывает», а обязывает. Это обязательство можно выразить такими словами, как «надо», «нужно», «приходиться».

  • I have to go to the dentist. — Мне необходимо пойти к зубному врачу.

could be

Глагол «could» в данном случае указывает на сослагательное наклонение, которое выражает действие, не являющееся реальным, а являющееся предполагаемым или возможным. В русском языке сослагательное наклонение выражается с помощью частицы «бы».

  • I think that something like that could kill you. — Я думаю, что что-либо подобное могло бы вас убить.

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