Xero business essentials: Sales and invoicing

12 апреля 2015

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Xero business essentials: Sales and invoicing

0:01Xero makes invoicing your clients and getting paid a fast and seamless process. You can save an invoice as a draft, then come back and finish it later. Submit it for approval before sharing it with the client or just approve and share it straight away. Your client receives an email to notify them that they can now access the invoice online and pay with the click of a button. And if they use Xero they can even save the invoice directly into their xero organisation. We call this "online invoicing".
0:28So lets get familiar with Sales in Xero. In the software go to the Accounts menu select Sales where and here we have a full sales dashboard. Along here I can see the different statuses of my invoices and what's overdue. Drilling down anywhere here will take me to my full invoice listing where I can navigate by tabs and sortable columns. By clicking on expected date on an invoice I can flag when I'm expecting the payment to come in which will reflect on the Money Coming figures on my dashboard to help me keep a handle on my cashflow.
0:49Ok back to the dashboard so I can show you the rest. The graphs and charts make it easy to see who's owing what and when so I know who to follow up on. I can switch between a visual pie chart view and a simple list of who owes the most including what's overdue for payment. My search button allows me to quickly search by contact, invoice number, reference and I have other filters to add to my search criteria.
1:16To create an invoice I go to the New button. There's other options if I click on the down arrow like credit notes, repeating invoices or invoicing an entire group of contacts. Lets create an invoice. I enter the customer name, date and that sort of thing. Put in a bit of description and I'll code it to my sales account. Sometimes I use Items if it's something standard so I don't have to type it all in every time. Now I can save this as a draft and come back to it later or submit for approval if someone else needs to scan their eye across it before it goes out to the client. Or I can just approve it and up at the top click on Email to share the invoice with them online.
2:01To save me typing in a standard message and footer I can choose from a list of my own customised email templates Now here's where it gets interesting. Once the client receives the email the link takes them to an online invoice which they can pay immediately by clicking on the pay now button. Just beneath that they can query or comment on the invoice. Up in the top right here they can print off a PDF, or create a CSV file for the invoice. We're going to click save so I can show what this does. Now if your client uses Xero they can choose Login and where they can save the invoice into their Xero organisation as a draft bill. Of course you can do the same if you receive an Xero online invoice from one of your suppliers.
2:41If they don't use Xero they can choose the other option to create a free login. This free login doesn't create a Xero organisation for them rather it just provides a few useful features for them at no cost. For example it will store the invoices for them under messages this envelope icon up near the top right of your screen. Over on the top left It will also enable them to view their entire statement online and pay off any other invoices they might owe. And here they can download a pdf of their statement as well. And if your client does want the benefits of cloud accounting well they can start using Xero for their business by going up to My Xero and click on Add your business which will take them through the set up process. They'll want to liaise with their financial advisor of course to ensure things are set up correctly.
3:25Great for getting paid faster, great for the client as they have access to their invoices online and can save it directly into their own Xero organisation without having to rekey. Now back in Xero when I click into the invoice I can see from the history if the customer has viewed the invoice I sent them. So no more excuses like they didn't receive the email. One last thing I'd like to share with you in this session is how to get your branding on the invoice. Lets go to the settings menu, general settings and into invoice settings. Here we can click on upload your logo. Now your logo will appear on your invoices. You can create as many other branding themes as you like and choose from these when you create an invoice.
3:59You also can add a variety of payment gateways like Paypal that customers can use to pay your online invoices with. Now lets go into options and edit so we can put in our terms and payment advice to appear at the bottom of our invoices. And we can select from the payment gateways we've setup so when customers click on that pay now button we say on the online invoice they can pay immediately.
4:19And if you want to boost the profile of your business using social media links on your invoices you can do that from the settings menu, general settings and into organisational settings. Just put in your social media links into those fields and they will appear on your invoices like so. Now you have what you need to get started invoicing your clients and with online invoicing you can dramatically improve the time it takes to get them paid.

straight away

Выражение «straight away» означает «сразу», «тотчас», «немедленно». Как синоним можно упомянуть слово «immediately».

  • We did not realize that straight away. — Мы это не сразу поняли.


Как существительное слово «access» переводится как «доступ» (free access — открытый доступ), «проход» (access road — подъездной путь). В литературе иногда можно встретить это слово в значении «приступ» гнева или болезни. Глагол «access» означает «иметь доступ», «получить доступ».

  • Access to humanitarian assistance. — Доступ к гуманитарной помощи.

sales dashboard

«Sales» означает «продажи», «dashboard» — панель индикаторов, инструмент для визуализации и анализа информации о бизнес процессах и их эффективности.

  • Dashboards are very common in many companies. — Панели индикаторов очень распространены во многих компаниях.

drilling down

Выражение «drilling down» можно перевести как «детализируя», «проникая вглубь», «изучая информацию более подробно».

  • The report will drill down into the issue. — Доклад затронет данный вопрос более подробно.


Как существительное слово «rest» имеет два основных значения. Первое из них — это «отдых», «покой», «перерыв», «передышка», второе (the rest) — «остаток», «остальное».

  • But for the rest of the time she seemed to avoid looking at him or speaking to him. — Впрочем, во все остальное время как-то избегала и смотреть на него, и говорить с ним.

follow up on

Общее значение выражения «follow up on» — «контролировать исполнение». Но в сфере бизнеса это выражение чаще употребляется в смысле «упорно следовать», «доводить до конца».

  • The Committee intends to follow up on this matter. — Комитет намеревается держать этот вопрос под контролем.

switch between

Выражение «switch between» переводится как «переключаться между». Как существительное слово «switch» означает «выключатель», «переключатель», «поворот», «кнут», «хлыст» и т.д.

  • With some training, we can switch between the two possible orientations in space. — Немного потренировавшись, мы можем переключаться между двумя возможными ориентациями в пространстве.

that sort of thing

Выражение «that sort of thing» можно перевести как «вещи такого рода», «тому подобное».

  • Something must be done to stop this sort of thing. — Необходимо что-то предпринять, чтобы прекратить такие вещи.

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