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All about history


Discovery – открытие, обнаружение, находка
Study – изучение, исследование
Historical sites – исторические места
Collection – накопление, сбор, коллекция  
Sequence of events – ход событий
Research – (научное) исследование, изучение, изыскание
Scholar – учёный
Period – период, промежуток времени
Event – событие, происшествие, случай

To repeat – повторяться, случаться вновь
To happen – случаться, происходить
To record – записывать, регистрировать, заносить в список
To explore – исследовать, рассматривать, изучать
To remember – помнить, хранить в памяти, вспоминать
To change – менять, изменять, заменять
Ancient history – древняя (старинная) история
Rewrite history – переписать историю
History repeats itself – история повторяется
The rest is history. – Остальное — история
I’m history. – Я — история.

1. Collection – a group of things.
2. Scholar – someone who studies a particular subject and knows a lot about it, especially a subject that is not scientific.
3. To record – to make a record of something that has happened, usually by writing it somewhere.
4. To change – to become different, or to make someone or something different.
5. Discovery – the process of learning something that was not known before, or of finding someone or something that was missing or hidden.
6. Profit and loss report for reporting period.
7. His researches have been fruitful.
8. With the discovery of oil in the region, the situation changed.
9. "Now, Rowley, hold up your right hand and repeat the words of the oath after me," said I, laying the despatch-box on the table.
10. We have to explore this mystery of death!


Hi, this is Cari. I’m a teacher from the online English school, EnglishDom.com. Today, I’m going to chat with you about history. As most people know, history is what’s happened to us in the past, the recorded story of what has come before us.

So, what do you think about history? Do you enjoy it? Do you find it boring? When I was younger, I found it rather boring. Now that I’m older, it’s a little more interesting; especially when I visit a new place like here in Mexico. I can walk around town and see a lot of historical sites. (uh) For example, right now, I’m in an old convent where the monks and… actually, I think this is where the nuns used to live, and it was a very big part of the city. Now, of course, it’s cafes and hotels and bars. But, here’s one of the fountains that remains with some old, historical statues. (Uh) Where I live in Mexico is a very historical town. So, I have a lot of opportunities to explore the history of this city.

(Uh) Some phrases or idioms that relate to history is (are): ancient history… When we talk about something being ancient history, normally we’re saying, "Oh, that happened so long ago (in the past) that it’s not even worth remembering, just forget about it." (Uh) This is usually when someone is maybe complaining about something (uh) and you wanna say, "You know what? Just forget about it. It’s ancient history."

Another phrase related to history is to rewrite history. When we rewrite history, we often want to go back and change something that’s happened in the past that we’re not happy about. But as we all know, that’s not usually possible.

History repeats itself is another famous saying about history. (Uh) This tends to mean that if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will probably repeat those mistakes. And this can apply to individuals as well as to governments or politicians.

The rest is history. This phrase is used when we’re telling a story about something or retelling something that has happened to us and we might finish by saying, "Well, the rest is history." That means…you know what happened, I don’t have to tell you about it.

And, our last phrase related to history is…I’m history. That’s something we say when we’re finished with talking to someone on the phone or we’re visiting someone and we’re ready to leave, we might say, "Well, I’m history!" And that means, I’m outta here.

So, for today… I'm history! Please join us in one of our discussion clubs or in the forum on our Facebook page to share some tidbits about history related to where you live. We’d love to hear your ideas. Hope to hear from you soon. Feel English and feel free. Bye for now.




History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.


Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.
Edward R. Murrow


Every day of your life is a page of your history.


A bus load of tourists arrives at Runnymede. They gather around the Robin, the guide, who explains, "This is the spot where the Barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta."
A fellow at the front of the group asks, "When did that happen?"
"1215," answers Robin the guide.
The man looks at his watch and says, "Gee, hey everybody – we just missed it by a half hour."

List of questions for discussion

1. Why do people like history?
2. What do you know about your family history?
3. Is there a history of illness in your family?
4. Would you like to be a historian?
5. In his book 1984, George Orwell says: "He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past." Do you agree? Does this apply to countries today?
6. Which people in the world have a troubled history?
7. Do you think history comes back to haunt us?
8. Does your country have a proud or violent history?
9. How would the world change if schools stopped teaching history to children and all history books were destroyed?
10. Sir Winston Churchill said: "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." Do you agree with him?
11. What do you think of the overall history of your country?
12. Do you think history repeats itself?
13. What period of history would you like to go back and live in?
14. Napoleon Bonaparte said "History is a set of lies agreed upon." Do you agree with this?
15. "Half of writing history is hiding the truth." What do you think of this quote in relation to what was in your school history books?

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