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Посети разговорный урок и обсуди следующие вопросы

  1. What type of the company do/did you work for? Can you say that it is a big company?
  2. Would you like to change the company? Why?
  3. What methods of work do you and your team normally use? Why?
  4. Did you try to be a Scrum master? If not, would you like to?
  5. Who is/was the leader in your team? Can/could you trust him/her?
  6. What is the top position you would like to get at your company?
  7. How long are your daily meetings on average?
  8. Would you like to become a Scrum master in your team?
  9. Give examples of famous CEOs and CTOs and describe their achievements.
  10. Describe your last corporate party, please. Did you enjoy it?