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Посети разговорный урок и обсуди следующие вопросы

  1. Are you a gambling kind of person? Tell about the last time you won a bet.
  2. If your friend or partner lost a bet what would you wish them to do?
  3. Do you often burst with laughter? What things do you find the most hilarious?
  4. If you had an ability to cast spells, what spell would be your favorite?
  5. Think of three ways to ask about a price in English.
  6. Where do you prefer to cut your hair? What haircut do you like best?
  7. And what haircut fits you most?
  8. Do you have any clothes which don’t fit you at all, but you just love them?
  9. Do you know what hoarding is? Are you a hoarding type of person or do you like to get rid of your stuff?
  10. If you had a chance to set a record in something, what would it be?