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Посети разговорный урок и обсуди следующие вопросы

  1. Is being ambitious good or bad?
  2. Do you always tend to finish what you start or give up halfway?
  3. Who do you take after in your family?
  4. How can a person raise his/her self-esteem?
  5. Have you ever had to complete or go through a self-appraisal?
  6. Imagine you had a choice: to do a month intensive English course at one of the best language schools in your country or to go to the USA for a week. What would you choose? Why?
  7. Is self-belief important? How can a lack of it influence a person’s life?
  8. What’s a typical behavior of a self-centred person?
  9. What do you hope you will have done by the end of this year?
  10. How long will you have been learning English by the end of this year?