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Посети разговорный урок и обсуди следующие вопросы

  1. How often do you use your computer/laptop/tablet?
  2. What will you do if your telephone goes dead?
  3. Can you imagine modern life without the Internet? What would it be like?
  4. Do you prefer interacting with other people with the help of modern devices or in person?
  5. What good/bad things can modern technologies bring to people’s life?
  6. Do you follow the fashion about modern gadgets? Do you always have the latest models?
  7. Could you say that modern people are totally dependant on modern technologies?
  8. If you had a chance, would you like to find yourself at the place with no modern devices? Why?
  9. Do you see your friends, relatives more in person or via social networking services?
  10. What ways of sending info do you prefer: to text, to make a call or to leave a voicemail?