Риз Уизерспун и София Вергара в Ellen Show Видео

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Риз Уизерспун и София Вергара в Ellen Show

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  1. What do you think about these actresses?
  2. Would you like to spend evening with them?
  3. Have you done something nice for your co-workers?
1 месяц назад

Actually, I don't quiet know these actresses, but I guess I've heard Witherspoon last name at some movie. And 'bout Sofia, to be sincere - never heard of her before, but maybe it's just because she's some kind of a starlet)) they both look pretty hot and sexy, though it's somewhat of a pity they are famous people and I can't get on date or something with them)

EnglishDom Team
EnglishDom Team
7 недель назад

Ivan, thanks for answering our questions)
Have a nice day!

3 недели назад

2. Yes, I would prefer to spend time with them and push each other. I think it is merry and funny.

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