Жизнь без боли возможна? Видео

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Жизнь без боли возможна?

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  1. Who is a hedonist?
  2. Would you take part in this experiment?
  3. Can we live a happy life without experiencing any pain?
2 месяца назад

1. Hedonist- is a person, who prefer the life, full of pleasure, and think that pleasure - it's the main reason to live, and can't understand other people's thinks, that there are other reasons to live, not only pleasure.
2. I think, yes. I'd try to live in a life full of pleasure.
3. It's impossible. We can't live and be happy if we don't experience any pain. Only when we're in life situation, which is forcing us to experience some pain, we can understand, how good was past situation, which was better, than present.

EnglishDom Team
EnglishDom Team
1 месяц назад

Дарья, thanks for your reply, but it's better to say: " Hedonist- is a person, who prefers the life full of pleasure.", "and can't understand other people's thoughts"

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